Artist Scott Hove Explores Good and Evil in His New Cake-Themed Exhibit

The socially-distanced art exhibit that everyone's craving.

Artist Scott Hove's Cakeland Exhibit, The Beauty War

As summer moves along during the pandemic, we can't help but think about our favorite activities that we've given up. The social distancing era has a limited amount of Instagrammable pop-ups around town— but luckily, fashion-faved L.A. artist Scott Hove has whipped up something big amidst the coronavirus. Bringing back his 'grammable confectionary installations, Hove has created a new exhibit, The Beauty War, at his Cakeland gallery in Chinatown.

Originally slated to debut in March, the gallery was forced to reschedule its opening date due to the statewide stay-at-home order. This closure left many craving the frosting-covered installment for nearly four months, and now, the installation is open for private appointments only as of July 17.

Scott Hove's The Beauty War. Courtesy of Cakeland LA

The Beauty War isn't your regular food-themed immersive wonderland. Per a release, the kaleidoscopic show is "part dark ride, part hallucinatory Hall of Mirrors" that promises more than meets the eye by taking guests through an emotional journey through a labyrinth of mirror mazes, floor-to-ceiling sculptures, and layered cakes, benefitting both your mind and your selfies.

The installation will inspire guests to examine "a light-meets-dark fine art experience that explores the turbulent state of our socio-economic and environmental climate," per the gallery. It even features its own set of ethics "Commandments" for attendees to abide by, such as committing to being "a master of situational awareness" and to "manifest sanity," to name a few oh-so-timely reminders.

In a statement, Hove explains: "Each room has allegorical references to the universal archetypes we all traverse; from birth, independence, fear of the unknown, personal actualization, spiritual illumination. and death."

Courtesy of Cakeland LA

The Beauty War will be on view until December 31 and general admission is $20. To follow health and safety measures, visitors must book an appointment in advance. Upon arrival, guests will also have their temperature taken and will be provided disposable gloves.

Find out more info and book your private appointment here.

Cakeland.LA, 936 Mei Ling Way, L.A., 90012; open by appointment only Wednesday through Sunday through December 31.

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