Rihanna-Faved Fine Jeweler Jacquie Aiche on How She's Lifting Stoner Stigma

The luxe accoutrements designer teamed with Spark the Conversation for a marijuana awareness event.

Spark the Conversation founder Bianca Green and LA designer Jacquie Aiche. Photos: Courtesy

If you thought that stoner style meant a baggy black tee with a bright green pot leaf from Hot Topic, then you don't know Jacquie Aiche. Since founding her eponymous line in 2005, the LA fine jeweler has designed pro-pot accoutrements (think denim button-downs, clutches, dainty anklets, and more) under her Sweet Leaf line and even collabed with (no pun intended) high fashion pothead Rihanna.

This past Wednesday (and at 4:20, no less), Aiche teamed with Spark the Conversation founder Bianca Green to raise awareness of Proposition 64, a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana for non-medical purposes. Celebrity attendees included Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Alana Hadid, and Vanessa Hudgens, to name a few, and the event also unveiled Aiche's luxe smoking accessories collection.

After the pro-mary jane soirée, we caught up with Aiche via email to chat more about why weed is fashionable, her fantasy blunt buddy, what she's smoking now, and more.

The music world has long been vocal about marijuana use; how have you aimed to change fashion's approach to pot?

Fashion is a form of personal expression and designing the sweet leaves into the collection was a way to lift the stigma of a typical stoner.

Why was it important to you to partner with Spark the Conversation for the event?

Partnering with Bianca on this event was mainly to build awareness for her bus tour and Prop. 64! She has been a wonderful advocate for all of our freedom and I thought it was a great way to honor her hard work.

You're fairly vocal about your marijuana use — what's your response to the sometimes negative views of pot culture?

I don't pay attention to any negative feedback; all I do know is that it is healing patients and creating happiness — which is basically my own message.

What other famous stoners would you love to share a blunt with?

Snoop, of course!

What role does marijuana play in your creative process, and life in general?

The type of cannabis I do smoke is more of an uplifting blissful high, it definitely takes that edge off and lets me stay in a creative atmosphere when needed.

Lastly, do you have a favorite strain at the moment?

Dream Queen has been a favorite lately.

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