Max-Bone's Stylish Founder Is Pampering Herself (and Her Pup) with These Self-Care Essentials

From her favorite inspiring book to Peloton and more.

For pet parents, quality time at home with a happy pooch is as important now as it's ever been. As Los Angeles still awaits the new business-as-usual, Max-Bone founder and CEO Parisa Fowles-Pazdro recently shared how she's keeping calm and carrying on by focusing on her creativity, unplugging, and of course, showing some extra love to her English bulldog, Macintosh.

The L.A.-based entrepreneur started her company with a mission to offer luxury pet products while providing an upscale shopping experience that fashionable furballs' human moms and dads would appreciate. Max-Bone covers it all, from apparel and bedding to leashes and its own wellness line (bye-bye puppy anxiety!), and the brand has also collaborated with designer Christian Cowan and Disney's Frozen II, to name a few. (Before Max-Bone, Fowles-Pazdro designed luxe womenswear line Maxfowles with her husband, Max Fowles-Pazdro.)

As we've done with other L.A. designers and creatives, we recently asked Fowles-Pazdro to share her quarantine self-care routine. Here, she reveals her perfect blueprint for connecting with herself in the midst of the outside chaos. "To me, self-care means setting aside some time to unplug and focus on things that make me happy," she says. That includes staying calm and supporting her Max-Bone team.

"One book that I've gravitated towards is 'The Universe Has Your Back' by Gabrielle Bernstein," she says. "It teaches you about your spiritual side and how to connect with love instead of fear, which has helped me to maintain a positive mindset. I also love burning sage, I find it to be so helpful as I unwind at the end of the day!"

Fowles-Pazdro continues: "Exercise is definitely something that I'm turning to for self-care. When it comes to movement, I'm loving Peloton's live workouts."

"I have been taking The Nue Co.'s Immunity capsules, which consists of plant-based ingredients and vitamin C, to ensure that I'm supporting a healthy immune system throughout this time," she adds.

"At night, some beauty products that help me to unwind include my serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm, a rose quartz facial roller, and The Ouai's Detox Shampoo."

"For me, self-care means pampering my English bulldog, Macintosh, as well! I love having extra to spend with him while we're committed to staying home and practicing social distancing. During this time I've been showing him some extra love with his favorite, all-natural Max-Bone treats. He also loves lounging in his Davos bed while I'm working from home," she says.

Fowles-Pazdro unwinds at the end of each day by listening to her customized Pandora playlist." It pairs perfectly with a nice drink while enjoying the sunset!"

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