Why My Girlfriend Doesn't Want to Eat in a Parking Garage in Glendale

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Glendale Galleria Parking Garage Diners

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By Tony Pierce

Perhaps you've heard that the Glendale Galleria created some space in its enormous parking garage for people to eat if they order from one of the restaurants in their food court.

On Saturday, we took pictures from the scene, and 800k saw our tweet.

Many of the people who commented or retweeted the post replied with something snarky like, "Nasty! Yes I'll have a side of exhaust with my Sbarro's."

Or, "Babe, put on your fancy flip flops. We're going out to eat tonight."

Some questioned if this was truly an indoor dining experience, as strangers to the mall next to the Americana on Brand might not know that it is, indeed, an open-air garage.

Others even ridiculed the flooring, quipping, "Wow. That's the hardest working astroturf ever!"

Eventually, some of L.A.'s TV outlets drove over and produced the typical news summaries one would expect.

Even The Onion wrote a short piece claiming the trend had extended to the Hollywood Freeway (even though the image they used appears to be of the 5, but, you know, whatever).

It wasn't until Curbed Urbanism Editor Alissa Walker wrote a serious review of the experience that I realized I had quietly mocked the scene without trying it firsthand.

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