Who Is That Masked Man Offering Me Pizza?

Meet Adam Waheed, the influencer and comic helping Black Lives Matter protesters — and kids across the globe — in his own way.

Adam Waheed Dough Pizza

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Adam Waheed
Photo: Courtesy of Adam Waheed

By Tony Pierce

Imagine you're at a protest, doing your thing, perfectly happy with the water supplies and endless amounts of licorice and chips provided to you when suddenly, you notice a man with perfect hair in front of you.

And because he's COVID-conscious, he's respectfully wearing a mask.

Oddly, it seems to be a mask of his face.

And then he offers you a slice of delicious pizza.

In most scenarios you'd politely deliver the hard pass. Who is this person? Where did he get that mask? Is this a thing now?

And seriously, how does his hair look like that?

But these are not normal circumstances, so go ahead and take that slice. The man handing it to you is Adam Waheed, better known as AdamW, if you don't mind, a social media influencer you may not have heard of despite his enormous presence on TikTokFacebook and Instagram, where he has amassed over one billion views.

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