Jean-Pascal Lemire and His Majestic Floral Arrangements Land an Atelier at Row DTLA

Grab colorful, customized flower creations and more from the French florist's new DTLA space.

Row DTLA has expanded its offerings to visitors as not only a destination for shopping, but for a full day's worth of experiences as well. Now, in addition to treating yourself to wellness services at Bartholomew Method, squeezing in mani-pedis at Powder Beauty, and taking classes/workshops at Still Life Ceramics (to name just a few), you can also pick up a customized floral creation, courtesy of French floral designer Jean-Pascal Lemire's new atelier.

Lemire, who is known for his mastery of color and dimension, began his foray into flowers by way of event planning in his hometown of Montréal. In 2010 he began his own floral business, and two years later landed a shop at the Ritz-Carlton Montréal. By 2017, the designer had decided to relocate to Southern California, and set up shop in Downtown Los Angeles, where he could get daily inspiration from the nearby flower market.

One of Jean-Pascal's colorful floral creations. Photo: Courtesy of Row DTLA

"The amazing variety of fresh flowers, plants, and foliage at the Los Angeles Flower Market offered an opportunity to expand my palette to include different kinds of seasonal blooms—especially tropicals—that aren't commonly found up north," he says.

With his new creative studio and retail space that opened May 29 at Row DTLA, customers can not only stop by for one of Lemire's traditional-with-a-modern-twist arrangements for special occasions or simply their own self-care or personal decor, but they can shop a selection of carefully curated gifts as well. A few of the items you can expect to find at the floral designer's new outpost include candles, vintage vases, topiaries, books, and other curiosities.

Of course, it's worth it just to pop in to watch Lemire at work behind his 10-foot-long desk, meticulously yet organically arranging an unexpected collection of fresh blooms as jazz music plays.

Besides flowers, Jean-Pascal's new atelier also features a ton of other gift-worthy goods. Photo: Courtesy of ROW DTLA

As for why the DTLA lifestyle center makes the ideal destination for Lemire's new work/shop space, he explains that the retail hub's conceptual nature was especially exciting—and the history and spirit of the neighborhood certainly didn't hurt.

"Row DTLA is an environment full of creative minds and we want to be surrounded by those kinds of forward-thinking personalities," he explains. "We love the setting because it has an East Coast vibe and reminds us of our home back in Montréal, yet we are also near the Arts District and the downtown core, which are full of energy and inspiration."

Some seasonal blooms on display with Jean-Pascal's Row DTLA atelier. Photo: Courtesy of Row DTLA

And the timing feels serendipitous, too. The atelier opened just in time for Father's Day gifting, and will hopefully benefit from the return (and accessibility) of in-person shopping. And considering all the other experiences there are to take advantage of for those who venture over to the shopping-and-more destination (group fitness classes, produce hunting, and Japanese fried chicken sandwiches for lunch — all in one afternoon!) Row ought to be bustling with business this summer.

Want to add a stop at Lemire's floral shop to your next day of adventuring at Row DTLA? Below, find the its hours and address.

Jean-Pascal Florist, Row DTLA, 1318 E. 7th St., M1 Suite 148, Los Angeles, 90021; Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m; (310) 432-0560

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