PetSwapp Founder Arianna Jacchia on Bringing Together L.A.'s Pet Parents

The new company takes the difficulty out of finding a caretaker for fur babies by providing Angelenos with a community willing to help.

PetSwapp founder Arianna Jacchia interview
Photo: Courtesy of PetSwapp, Arianna Jacchia

Have you ever had to leave your pet alone for longer than you felt comfortable, but wanted to leave them with someone whose love for animals matched your own? Well, Angelenos now have access to an entire database of locals who fit the description.

Born in Rome and raised by a Mexican family, PetSwapp founder Arianna Jacchia moved to L.A. after high school. She adopted, or rather, was adopted by two delightful doggies named Kiwi and Mango. They changed her life for the better and sparked in her an idea that would eventually flourish into PetSwapp – a community of pet parents who take care of each other's furry friends whenever needed.

The innovative company provides an efficient and safe alternative to expensive or unsafe pet caring practices. An avid traveler, Arianna started the company after realizing the value in leaving Kiwi and Mango with someone who'd provide them with love, affection, outdoor access, and without charging her an arm and a leg. She's taking the idea as far as it will go, and has organized a community event in Pan Pacific Park which will take place on September 26.

We caught up with Arianna to learn more about her inspiration, role models, and more.

PetSwapp logo founder interview
Photo: Courtesy of PetSwapp, Arianna Jacchia

What's your background and what was your inspiration for starting PetSwapp?

A few years ago, I adopted my two dogs Kiwi and Mango, and they became my world. I also love traveling, but unfortunately, I can't always bring them with me. Pet sitters were out of my budget, so I'd always resort to asking favors from friends and family, but they were not always available or able to.

Not only was it stressful because I wasn't sure if Kiwi and Mango were going to be ok, but also because having to ask a favor of the same two or three people over and over got old pretty fast.

So, I started looking for a solution and found that many others were dealing with the same issue. What better way to solve this than to create a safe community by bringing together like-minded pet parents and help each other out?!

Who were your role models growing up or who are they today?

Sara Blakely is a huge inspiration for me. I love how she took her life into her own hands, built her company from nothing, managed to have an incredible family, and be a source of positivity all around. She did things her own way.

Do you listen to music while working? If so, what are your jams currently?

As unpopular as this may be, I actually prefer silence while working. It makes it easier for me to focus. If I am in a crowded and loud environment like a coffee shop, I will pop in my AirPods and play some chill and vibey house music.

Other than running the business, what does your ideal day look like from waking up to falling asleep?

My ideal day off would be something like this: in the morning I love doing my skincare routine, then I'd walk my dogs while having a fruit smoothie and listening to a podcast. I would probably spend the rest of the day at the beach or a park (preferably one with many dogs). I'd have dinner at some hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant with amazing food and good friends. Then, I'd come back home and enjoy a show before starting my nighttime routine.

What about PetSwapp are you most excited about in the next year or so?

In the next year, I'm excited to launch in all neighborhoods in L.A. I'm looking forward to seeing genuine relationships being born, and puppers meeting new friends.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Something on my bucket list is an expedition in the Amazon rainforest!

You're sitting down with your 20-year-old and 80-year-old selves. What advice are you giving the younger you and what is the older you congratulating the current you for?

I would tell my 20-year-old self to trust her gut, and not overthink everything. I would tell her that the worst decision she can make is not to make a decision. My 80-year-old-self would congratulate me for having created a safe space for pet owners to build a community at scale, and more importantly, for having helped many pets get adopted.

What's your spirit animal?

I'm the most clumsy person you'll meet, and there's this dog I follow on TikTok that I really identify with named Maddie!

You're taking a first-time visitor on a one-day tour of L.A. Where are some of your top stops?

Mulholland Drive, Malibu beach and hike, the Venice Canals, Abbot Kinney, and Laguna Beach.

Favorite outdoor place to get away in L.A.?

It's not in L.A., but Santa Barbara. I love that it's so close to L.A., but it has a completely different vibe.

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