L.A.'s Coolest Coffee Shops to Visit on National Coffee Day

By whatever beans necessary, make these L.A. coffee shops part of your daily grind.

Stone Street LA Coffee

National Coffee Day is tomorrow, September 29, and words can't espresso how much this holiday beans to us. If you, too, are a java junkie and often find yourself shelling out upwards of $5 for a soul-warming cup of caffeine at your local L.A. coffee shop despite owning a coffee maker, we see you and we feel you.

To celebrate this brew-tiful occasion, we've rounded up some of L.A.'s coolest, most unique, most inspiring, and most sought-after coffee shops and cafes for satisfying your caffeine craving. Every shop on the list is either L.A.-based or L.A.-founded and brings more to the table than just drip coffee – not that there's anything wrong with a classic cup of joe. That reminds us – quick shout-out to the brave souls at the Boston Tea Party in 1773 who kind of forced the U.S. to adopt coffee as its hot drink of choice. Totally underrated turning point for coffee.

Without further ado – from neighborhood staples to locally-loved artisan spots, see our picks below in alphabetical order, and feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Bloom & Plume Coffee

Bloom & Plume (Echo Park): As one of L.A.'s only black family-owned coffee shops, Bloom & Plume has taken it upon itself to "serve the people" and build a community where all are welcome. Now how could you not want to have your coffee in a setting like that? Apart from good vibes and good coffee, Bloom & Plume also offers food and merch like the Pride 'Be You' Tee ($32).
Pricing: $4.75 for lattes, $5 for cold brew, $5-$6.50 for fresh dranks, $4.50-$6 for matcha
Where: 1638 W Temple St

Cafe Dulce

Cafe Dulce (multiple locations): Established in 2011, Cafe Dulce is one of those places that you go to once, and end up going back forever (seriously). They serve specialty coffees and teas, fresh salads, sandwiches, and baked goods that are delivered daily from the original kitchen in Little Tokyo. We often can't decide between the Vietnamese iced coffee, blueberry matcha latte, green tea donut, or Oshogatsu Vegan Sausage Donut – so we indulge ourselves and get them all. We never regret it.
Pricing: Varies by location
Where: Little Tokyo, ROW DTLA, USC Village, Vernon

Cafecito Organico

Cafecito Organico (multiple locations): In order to promote the truth that coffee supports livelihoods and biodiversity, Cafecito Organico works directly with coffee producers in Central America who farm sustainably. We appreciate how they operate their business a-latte. Get it? Anyways, besides taking into consideration the social and environmental aspects of coffee, Cafecity Organico offers customers an array of delicious beverages, pastries, and food (with several vegan options).
Pricing: $3.25-$6.50 for espressos, $3-$4 for single-origin coffee, $3.50-$11.95 for food and pastries
Where: Silver Lake, Atwater Village

Civil Coffee

Civil Coffee (Highland Park): Alan and Alex Morales built Civil Coffee after roaming around Cali and serving coffee out of the back of their pickup truck. Today, they pride themselves on offering something for everyone, from obscure single-origin beans, to everyday staples. And did we mention they have something called Liquid Gold on the menu? Its cashew almond milk matcha with a dash of lavender syrup and it's our go-to whenever we're in the neighborhood. Oh, and the outdoor seating is everything.
Pricing: $4.50 for cold brew, $3.50 for espresso, $3.75-$4.25 for drip, $2-$6.50 for specialty drinks, $6.50-$14 for food
Where: 5629 N Figueroa St

Earth Bean Coffee

Earth Bean Coffee (Downtown L.A.): The eco-friendly L.A.-based roaster is loved for its organic and Fair Trade Certified™ coffees, housemade vegan mylk, and the fact that it plants a tree for every order. Swooning. They offer an array of java staples like espresso and cold brew in addition to superfood lattes like majik mylk and pink sunset. The creative menu also includes food like the vegan tun(o) wrap and avo smash. Vegans and non-vegans alike venture to Earth Bean Coffee to satisfy cravings while feeling a little better about supporting a café that does better by the Earth.
Pricing: $3 for drip, $5 for pour overs, $3 for espressos, $5 for lattes, $4.50 for cold brew, and $6-$10 for superfood lattes
Where: 1040 S Los Angeles St

Eightfold Coffee

Eightfold Coffee (Angelino Heights): This cafe is defined not only by its delicious coffee, but almost more so by its ambiance. It's an airy, light-filled space characterized by simple brick walls painted white, minimalist seating, and lack of decoration of any kind. It's a soothing respite from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. We typically go for the spiced vegan tea cake ($4) and a cappuccino, and we recommend you do the same.
Pricing: $3.75-$4.25 for hot brew, $5 for cold brew, $3.50 for espressos, $4.50 for cappuccinos, $4.50-$6 for matchas, and $3.50-$9 for food
Where: 1294 Sunset Blvd

Flowerboy Project

Flowerboy Project (Venice): Have you ever thought of your go-to cafe as a sanctuary? Well, that's exactly what Flowerboy Project is. It's a cafe, a flower shop, and a donut shop that was started by two people who think of themselves as its stewards. Honestly, need we say more?
Where: 816 Lincoln Blvd

Go Get 'Em Tiger, G&B Coffee

Go Get 'Em Tiger, G&B Coffee (multiple locations): After having established its first permanent location at the historic Grand Central Market in 2013, Angelenos couldn't get enough G&B Coffee. And no wonder – its founders are coffee experts and U.S. Barista Championship titleholders. Because of this, expect some of the tastiest java around. They've even expanded their business model to offer a GGET Coffee Club subscription service allowing anyone to enjoy the fruits (or beans) of the team's labor from the comfort of home.
Pricing: $3.75-$4.25 for filter coffee, $4.50 for iced coffee, $3.75 for espressos, $5.25 for lattes
Where: Grand Central Market, Larchmont, Los Feliz, Highland Park, The ROW DTLA, Culver City, West Hollywood, Santa Monica

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen (multiple locations): The folks behind Hilltop are pushing the boundaries of what can be considered a cafe and they know exactly what they're doing. They draw you in with coffee and keep you in with an extensive menu of treats. Honestly, it's hard to pass up their açaí no matter how cold it is outside and whether or not you're also getting coffee (which you should). Hilltop says you can do it all, just like they do. Besides coffees and espressos, L.A. locals and owners Yonnie Hagos + Ajay Relan offer a variety of food dishes like their crispy chicken sandwich ($13.50) and almond butter droptop with mixed berries and toasted almonds ($9.50). Okay, now we're hungry, brb.
Pricing: $3.50-$4.25 for hot drip house brew, $4.50-$5.50 for cold brew, $4.35 for cappuccinos, $5 for lattes, and $4.50-$18 for food
Where: Eagle Rock, Slauson, Inglewood

Maru Coffee

Maru Coffee (multiple locations): Maru got its name from the native Korean language word San Ma Ru, which means 'mountaintop,' and that's exactly where you'll think you are when sipping on a cup of joe at one of their two serene locations. The shops' aesthetics are simple, minimal, wood, calming – essentially where we feel like hanging out all the time. The team of four prides itself on offering high-quality coffee and accessories that are as soothing to look at as they are to use. Also, bringing your own mug is totally okay and obviously much better for the environment, not to mention more comforting to drink out of. And don't be intimidated by the line – it moves quickly.
Pricing: $3.50 for espressos, $4.50 for lattes, $4.25 for cappuccinos, $4.50 for cold brew, and $4.75-$5.50 for signature drinks
Where: Arts District, Los Feliz


Neighborhood Coffee (La Brea): We love Neighborhood for way too many reasons to be able to list them in a few sentences, but to name a few: it's a coffee shop with a pantry section, pastries, fresh goods like cheeses and eggs, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices. You could literally do all of your eating out, grocery shopping, and post-workout smoothie routines while getting your daily coffee fix. And, most importantly, there are almost 30 coffee and tea options to choose from. Honestly, Neighborhood has done something very brew-tiful here and we're loving it.
Pricing: $3.50 for batch brew, $6-$8 for pour overs, $4 for espressos, $5.50 for lattes, $5 for cold brew, and $2.50-$8.50 for pastries
Where: 133 S La Brea Av

Nimbus Coffee

Nimbus Coffee (South Park): If there's even the slightest chance that you'll come across an actual witch or wizard in L.A., it'll be at Nimbus Coffee. The Harry Potter-inspired cafe is characterized by fantasy and "satirical urban wizardry," and prides itself on sourcing from local farms as often as possible. Unique concoctions are unlike anything else on this list and are definitely worth the visit. If you're simply looking for tried and true coffee, look no further. Nimbus Coffee's selection for the "Basic Witch" is more than adequate with options like espressos and lattes.
Pricing: $7.50-$8 for specialty coffees, $825 for giggle waters (house-made elixirs), $5.75 for lattes, $6 for cold brew, and $3.95-$4.50 for baked goods
Where: 1115 S Hope St


Stories Books and Cafe (Echo Park): Located in Echo Park, this cafe-bookstore is known for its extensive selection of hot beverages, amazing array of new and used books, and outdoor patio for special gatherings. The quaint shop is one of Angelenos' favorite places to chill given its quality of offerings and the fact that it's perfect for getting work done before heading out for a bite at one of the area's many eateries.
Pricing: $3-$3.50 for drip, $3-$4.75 for espresso drinks, and $4.75-$9.75 for snacks and meals
Where: 1716 W Sunset Blvd

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