The Stars Align for Zodiac Sign Cupcakes from Sprinkles and Sanctuary App Collab

The world's first cupcake bakery chain will begin offering the celestial sweets on Monday, January 24, starting with a Miso Caramel flavor inspired by Aquarius.

Photo: Courtesy of Sanctuary x Sprinkles

The thing we love most about collaborations is that you can take two completely unrelated companies or products and combine them into something that, after discovering, you wonder how you ever lived without. Luckily for us, another such collab is underway. Renowned dessert bakery chain Sprinkles recently announced a new line of celestial-inspired cupcakes made in partnership with cult-favorite astrology app Sanctuary

Beginning on Monday, January 24, the new line of delectable desserts will take the guesswork out of having to choose which cupcake to get for the zodiac lovers in your life (or for yourself). It'll also allow us to discover, through their flavor, a little something unique about each sign – something we never could have imagined wanting to do, but now can't wait to discover. Playfully conceived with Sanctuary as the astrology consultant, the 12 unique cupcake flavors celebrate and draw inspiration from the core characteristics of each zodiac sign.

"As passionate innovators, it made perfect sense for Sprinkles to combine the emotional connection people have with food to the emotional qualities within astrology," said Sprinkles chief marketing officer Michelle Wong.

Sprinkles, which opened in 2005 on Little Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills, will unveil a corresponding cupcake at the start of each zodiac period over the course of the next year, starting with Aquarius. According to Sanctuary, the 11th sign of the zodiac is free-thinking, revolutionary, and original – traits that pervade Sprinkles' first cupcake of the collab, "Miso Caramel."

In light of Aquarius' uncompromising nature, Sprinkles didn't compromise on the amount of caramel it loaded into this cupcake, which features a caramel cake with a sweet and salty miso-spiked caramel core. It's topped with white chocolate buttercream frosting. Oprah Winfrey, one of our favorite Aquarians of all time, is sure to love her sign's cupcake considering her fondness for caramel and that she ordered 300 Sprinkles cupcakes for her audience upon first discovering them.

The Pisces-inspired cupcake is coming up next and will be available from Saturday, February 19 to Sunday, March 20. Dubbed "Pink Fantasia," the cupcake will include a drool-worthy pink vanilla cake filled and frosted with pink marshmallow meringue in celebration of the compassionate and dreamy water sign. At first glance, the cupcake exudes love and romance – two things all Pisces adore. We're hoping famous Pisces Rihanna, Olivia Rodrigo, and Millie Bobby Brown – who is actually on the cusp but claims to relate more to Pisces – love the zodiac cupcake as much as we know we will.

Photo: Courtesy of Sanctuary x Sprinkles

"Teaming up with Sprinkles for this fun line of astrology-themed cupcakes has been such a blast. We're excited for everyone to try its zodiac flavor," said Sanctuary chief executive officer and co-founder Ross Clark.

Angelenos waiting for their own zodiac sign's cupcake to be released can follow Sprinkles on Instagram or sign up for its newsletters to know when the new limited-edition cupcakes will become available.

Sprinkles, multiple L.A. locations.

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