Katy Perry's New Line of Sparkling Apéritifs is Booze-Free and Full of Natural Botanicals

Just like her lyrics, we can't keep Perry's drinks out of our mouth.

Dry January might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't continue your dry spell with Katy Perry's new venture – De Soi, a line of non-alcoholic, sparkling, vegan apéritifs. Co-founded with gin witch and girl boss Morgan McLachlan, the new line officially launched on January 6 and is available in ready-to-drink cans and bottles in three flavors: Golden Hour, Champignon Dreams, and Purple Lune. The apéritifs are completely devoid of alcohol and full of natural botanicals and "mind-mellowing" adaptogens – so you can feel a fourth of July-like buzz without a bad hangover.

Inspired by the French ethos of pleasure and restraint, De Soi (French for "self-control") was born out of Perry's and McLachlan's mutual love for spritzes and their need to mother early in the morning and into the wee hours of the night. They wanted something that put the "fun" in "functional" and that allowed them to "feel present and engaged while taking the lead," according to their founders' story.

De Soi line of sparkling ready-to-drink non-alcoholic apéritifs
Photo: De Soi

In an interview with People, Perry, who is 32 years old, said one reason she was drawn to alcohol-free drinks is she can't drink like she did in her 20s, adding that drinking alcohol during the week affects her for at least a day or two when she'd much rather be present. And although the "California Gurls" pop star isn't straight edge or sober, she does go through periods of drinking and abstinence.

In addition to being non-alcoholic, all De Soi drinks are made without artificial colors or flavors and are vegan and gluten-free. De Soi's site has an online botanical glossary so you can know exactly how it's benefitting your body or mind. Like did you know that dates – which are used to make the date syrup in Purple Lune – are rich in polyphenols, a type of plant compound that acts as an antioxidant?

The brand's Mix-and-Match Pack ($70) includes a bottle of Purple Lune, a bottle of Champignon Dreams, and a four-pack of Golden Hour cans, while the Wind Down Set ($70) includes a bottle of Purple Lune, a four-pack of Champignon Dreams cans, and a four-pack of Golden Hour cans. If you're more the test-before-you-take type of person, De Soi sells individual bottles ($25) and four-packs of cans on their own ($25) on its site.

De Soi Co-founders Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan
Photo: De Soi

We're really loving Golden Hour, which the brand describes as "delicate and lean to sip." Star adaptogenic ingredients include maca, a Peruvian root that boosts sexual vitality and verve and adds a subtle, nutty flavor; and lemon balm, which enhances your mood, boosts libido, and reduces stress. According to the website, these adaptogens together get your creative juices flowing and make you want to let your hair down. As for flavor, think bright, citrusy, with subtle notes of leafy herbs and zest.

If you're looking for a relaxing non-alcoholic nightcap or Sunday poolside companion, we'd recommend the Champignon Dreams. It's made with reishi mushroom and passion flower – both touted for their relaxing properties – and tastes like strawberries and grapefruit tied the knot, went on a honeymoon, and never looked back. Mmmm.

Purple Lune – the most balancing of the three flavors – is rich and delicate thanks to restorative ashwagandha and tart cherry botanicals that balance the mind and body. Notes include blackberry nectar, vanilla oak, and rose petals. Pour this one when you're due for some energy and balancing.

De Soi line of sparkling ready-to-drink non-alcoholic apéritifs
Photo: De Soi

Buy De Soi online and learn more about it here.

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