Lizzo's New Inclusive Shapewear Line Yitty Is Popping Up at the Glendale Galleria

Shop the 6X size-inclusive brand on Tuesday, April 12 at the Glendale shopping mall.

Lizzo's Shapewear Brand Yitty
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Lizzo was sick of people telling her how she's supposed to look and feel about her body. So she did what any empowered, Grammy-winning rap crooner would do and started her own inclusive shapewear brand to liberate people from the torture that is constricting girdles.

The line, called Yitty after Lizzo's childhood nickname, was developed in partnership with Fabletics Inc., the parent company of activewear brand Fabletics, which Kate Hudson co-founded.

Because she believes "it shouldn't be a privilege to feel sexy as hell," Lizzo spent the last three years creating versatile shapewear pieces available in sizes ranging from XS to 6X (one size bigger than what Kim Kardashian's Skims brand offers). You'll be able to shop Yitty on its own site, on the Fabletcs site, in 76 Fabletics stores, and good news for Angelenos – at a pop-up at the Glendale Galleria on Tuesday, April 12, the brand announced on its Instagram Stories.

Five days ago, in an announcement post to her 12 million Instagram followers, the Yitty chief executive and co-founder said:

"This is a love letter to my big grrrls, and a welcome letter to Every Body. This is not an invitation to change who you are… this is an opportunity to BE who you are on your terms. I don't know about y'all— but I'm sick of people telling me how I'm supposed to look and feel about my body. I'm tired of discomfort being synonymous with sexy. If it's uncomfortable TAKE IT OFF. And if it makes you feel good PUT IT ON. @YITTY isn't just shapewear, it's your chance to reclaim your body and redefine your beauty standard. I love y'all . . ."

Neither the brand nor Lizzo has released details about where and when the Yitty L.A. pop-up is slated to take place but in the meantime, here's what we know about the line that's about to shake up shapewear:

Yitty will launch on April 12 at 8 a.m. PST starting with three drops collectively totaling 100 different pieces. The first line, 'Nearly Naked,' is akin to traditional shapewear in that it enhances your curves. The second, 'Major Label,' is sportier and designed to be paired with athleisure. The third line, 'Mesh Me,' can be worn as underwear or part of an outfit.

Lizzo's past experiences with girdles and corsets made Yitty a project near to her heart. She recently told Vogue: "It was a painful experience that led me towards hatred of my body," she shared on a live stream with her fans yesterday evening. "[They were] a tool used to make me feel shitty about myself; I couldn't breathe, I would be sweating profusely, and [eventually] I just said fuck it."

Prices for Yitty leggings range from $69.95 to $74.95, and bras will be $49.95 to $59.95. Plus, 65% of Yitty's pieces are made from recycled fibers and the packaging is 100% recycled.

Yitty Pop-Up at the Glendale Galleria, 100 West Broadway, Glendale 91210; doors open at 11 a.m.

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