Retreat to Casa Cody, Palm Springs' Historic Haven

Casa Cody, Palm Springs' oldest hotel, has welcomed iconic guests like Charlie Chaplin and celebrated Olympians, creating a timeless oasis of hospitality in the desert.

Nestled within the heart of Palm Springs, the historic Casa Cody is a tranquil retreat surrounded by silhouetted palms and vibrant bougainvilleas in full bloom. As the town's oldest operating hotel, the city staple boasts a rich history, a sophisticated design exuding a profound sense of tranquility, and an ambiance that effortlessly bridges the past and the present. There is no better sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of L.A. and fully embrace the desert than within the welcoming embrace of Casa Cody.

The boutique hotel came to life in the 1920s when Harriet Cody, cousin of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody made her way to Palm Springs in a wagon with her architect husband, Harold Bryant Cody. Their journey led them to a plot of land that would eventually become the hotel we know today. Harriet reimagined the property as a hotel, attracting cinema legends such as Charlie Chaplin and celebrated singers like Lawrence Tibbett. As the cherished sanctuary for Hollywood's elite, this oasis continues to offer solace and seclusion amid its timeless charm.

By balancing the preservation of the hotel's heritage, Casa Cody's approach to design skillfully combines the space's storied past with a hint of modernity. Though Palm Springs is known for their commitment to maintaining their aesthetic, the hotel doesn't merely rest on its historical honors. Under the management of Casetta Group, the hotel partnered with designers and the city to revamp its design, striking a balance between contemporary coziness and the conservation of its historic charm.

Photo: Courtesy of Josh Cho

Featuring 31 rooms, including private homes, each studio includes a patio overseeing the venue's pools, a private kitchenette with a mini-bar and fridge, and a walk-in shower. Outside of the studios, the hotel also has four secluded homes: the 1930s Winter's House bungalow, the much-sought-after Harriet's Cottage, the beloved Olympic Cottage (frequented by athletes from the 1932 Olympics), and the Adobe House, which boasts a stage that has witnessed the talents of Chaplin and Tibbett. The Adobe House also offers a wine experience in their cellar, where guests can enjoy a bottle of Los Gaucho and a charcuterie board. 

Taking inspiration from the charm of Spanish Revival architecture, Casa Cody immediately transports guests to a desert oasis with elegant archways, cobblestone pathways, and terracotta roofs. The remodeled colonial cottages are floored with distinct cement tiles, dark wooden details, and a color palette of coral and warm-green accents. Elements such as vintage film photos and a lucky horse shoe, add a touch of intricate artistry into every room. Guests can also bring the fun outdoors by picking fruit from their edible garden and ordering meals and cocktails from the on-site Marketplace. 

Photo Gallery: Courtesy of Cathie Rattanakone

How does Casa Cody make the stay feel a little more like home? By allowing you to experience your special staycation moment in more ways than one. Whether it's enjoying a family vacation with the little ones and your four-legged friends or a much-needed getaway with the girls, Casa Cody is your versatile destination for all your desires. For those seeking relaxation, there are two pool areas, a jacuzzi, and serene treatment rooms that provide the ideal escape where you can unwind and rejuvenate. And if you're planning a memorable event, Casa Cody serves as the perfect backdrop for weddings and bachelorette destinations. The hotel also hosts events like poolside movies and wine nights.

If you're still looking to travel beyond Palm Springs, the Casetta hotel group will be opening three new properties in 2024 – one in Silver Lake, Taos N.M., and Hudson, N.Y. And they also just took over management of The Surfrider Malibu.

Ready to get away? After indulging in the authentic charm of Casa Cody and exploring its timeless beauty, you can also venture beyond to immerse yourself in the vibrant Palm Springs experience. Read below for three essential Palm Springs restaurants you absolutely need to try; and book your next staycay at Casa Cody here!

Casa Cody, 175 South Cahuilla Rd., Palm Springs, 92262

For Fine Dining: Porta Via

The Beverly Hills bistro and bar, Porta Via, made its way to the desert in the Summer of 2022. As the fourth and largest iteration of Porta Via, the Palm Desert restaurant is a gem that offers a fine dining experience unlike any other. The menu, filled with authentic Italian flavors, showcases the finest ingredients in every dish, from pasta to seafood. Porta Via's culinary expertise shines in dishes like the Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, the Sautéed Calamari, and the Grilled Skirt Steak, which was a carnivore's delight, charred to perfection. The extensive cocktails list compliments the meal perfectly, with standouts such as the Bar Flower and Pali Spritz. The restaurant's aesthetics are also captivating with a modern take that compliments the desert vibes. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking an experience, Porta Via promises to indulge your senses and leave you craving for more.

Porta Via Palm Desert, 73100 El Paseo, Palm Desert, 92260

For a Late Night Bite: Bill's Pizza

When the sun goes down, your hunger turns up! Luckily, there's no better place for a late-night bite than Bill's Pizza. Located in La Plaza de California, Bill's has become an iconic stop for both locals and visitors alike. With its warm, inviting ambiance and a mouthwatering menu of artisanal pizzas, this charming pizzeria is the go-to spot for those seeking a slice of perfection. Fans of the spot can enjoy flavors like pepperoni, cheese, Elton John, the Nicholas Cage, and more.

Bill's Pizza, 119 South Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, 92262

For the Brunch Enthusiasts: Wilma & Frieda's

Brunch aficionados can enjoy comfort and deliciousness in every bite at Wilma & Frieda's. With a menu brimming with inventive creations and classic favorites, from delectable eggs Benedict to mouthwatering French toast, this establishment weaves together flavors that ignite the senses. And what's the best part about brunch, mimosas and cocktails. This spot has a full bar locked and loaded to help you kick off the fun for the day. This spot was even voted "Best Breakfast" in the Desert Sun.

Wilma & Frieda's, 155 South Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, 92262

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