LA's Coolest Small-Batch Scent Maker Opens Its First Fragrance Flagship

Orris Perfumery is officially open on Melrose.

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Update 12/01/2020: This story was updated to reflect Orris Perfumery's name change to Capsule Parfumerie.

Everyone knows the iconic floral scent of Chanel No. 5 — which is precisely why artisanal aroma aficionados will want to find their next signature scent at Capsule Parfumerie (previously known as Orris Perfumery). After soft-opening its first flagship last month on Melrose Avenue, the Los Angeles-based fragrance brand's clean and cool boutique is now officially open for business.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Linda and Mike Sivrican, the label has previously collaborated with design-minded LA retailer Poketo and globally-conscious menswear line Apolis. Before Capsule, the duo began their careers in fashion before moving into the beauty space, manufacturing products sold at Sephora and Nordstrom and working with cosmetics brands like Stila and Urban Decay. Linda jokes that the full-circle story behind Orris is a "cheesy" one: her Vietnamese middle name means "gentle" and her first name means "fragrance," she says, and as a kid, she often gave perfume and as presents.

"Everything I create [is] inspired by the actual raw materials," Linda says. "They don't necessarily take me somewhere [emotionally or mentally], and in the process of creating sometime I [start] in one direction and end up in another," she says as we're sitting in the boutique's scent corner, where shoppers can play with single scent ingredients.

Designed by OPEN for Humans, 800-square-foot space offers the company's full family of luxury small-batch fragrances: There's the unisex, metropolis-inspired Capsule Parfums, the plant-powered Fiele Fragrances (which offers "multi-sensory benefits of natural extracts"), and the romantic Italy-meets-California Litoralle Aromatica collection. There's also the sensual Musc et Madame line for those seeking "voluptuous mystique," the California desert-inspired Saguara Perfumes, and the soon-to-launch Viajero Perfumes (a fragrance inspired by "exotic fruit, florals, and spices" that's set to arrive in "the next few months").

The 50-mL bottles range from $90 to $110 and while most of the fragrances are crafted from natural ingredients, Linda notes that there's a common misconception that synthetic  ingredients aren't eco-friendly. Raw materials like Indian sandalwood have a negative effect on the environment when they're over-harvested, so the brand uses a a sustainable alternative for its Santalum scent under the Fiele Fragrances line, she explains. (Good to know.)

In addition to a complete house of handmade scents, guests will also find the shop decked out with fresh blooms from fashionable florist Birch & Bone, a mini coffee bar ready to serve espresso (in heated cups, no less), and a state-of-the-art turntable spinning whatever vinyl they have on hand. In the back, find Linda's mini-lab (most of the magic happens in Capsule's main lab in Santa Monica), which offers just a taste of the fragrance house's entire handmade process, from designing their own packaging and branding to bottling up scents.

Check out more inside the perfumery in the gallery above and call 323-556-6026 to schedule a visit.

Orris Perfumery, 7970 1/2 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, 90046; 323-556-6026

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