Silver Lake Scores Night Palm, A Vintage-Filled Interior Design Haven

You'll want to move in the second you step inside.

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Wardrobes aren't the only areas of our abode that are begging for a makeover — the change in seasons also inspires us switch up the rest of our stylish spaces, and that's where Night Palm comes in. The coolest new kid to join LA's interior decor scene, this Silver Lake boutique is like shopping the apartment of your in-the-know music supervisor pal who's got an equally good eye in vintage design.

In fact, the 700-square-foot store is brainchild of creative husband-and-wife team William Melton, an entrepreneur and digital marketing exec, and Tiffany Howell, a music video director/producer and fashion stylist — so it's no wonder that the shop exudes its founders' artistic take on home decor.

Located on Silver Lake Boulevard (where fashionable neighbors include Lake, OK The Store, Lawson-Fenning, and Yolk, to name a few), the boutique houses modern and vintage furnishings, paintings and sculptures by local and European talents, photography by renowned music and celebrity/fashion photogs, leather accessories, eclectic tabletop items, and much more. In addition, find handmade textiles by local maker Jonas Bergkvist, unisex scents by Sanae Intoxicants, and hand-carved wooden skateboards by San Diego-based STGHT, among other rad finds.

There's also a bohemian-cool bookworm corner and a rotating art gallery that plays host to monthly artist receptions, and Night Palm also plans on a full schedule of pop-in shops all summer. Above, scroll through the gallery to get a taste of the shop and see below for hours and location.

Night Palm
1724 Silver Lake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 699-9060
Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 7pm
Closed Monday

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