A 'Dancing With The Stars' Champ Takes Over Richard Simmon's Sweat Studio

The BOD by Kym is now shaping fitness fiends in Beverly Hills.

Courtesy of Brandon Showers/The BOD by Kym

If your idea of shaping up involves samba-ing and quick-stepping your calories away, then prepare to sweat with an award-winning pro in one of LA's most legendary fitness spaces. Dancing With The Stars champ Kym Herjavec has taken over Richard Simmons' former Slimmons studio in Beverly Hills for The BOD by Kym, her first-ever workout sanctuary.

The award-winning Australian ballroom dancer and author transformed the 2,400-square-foot space into a modern fitness studio, offering a variety of 45- and 55-minute workouts for dance and sweat enthusiasts of all skill levels. Classes taught by Herjavec herself include the '80s Bod (which pays tribute to Simmons and Jane Fonda) which welcomes students to dress up in their best short shorts and leg warmers, the full-body Latin Bod (which sculpts and tones your legs, abs, and butt), and the seniors-focused Forever Young Bod. Other pro-led sweat routines include the 567-Broadway, yoga, meditation, and barre, to name just a few. The best part? No dance partners are required.

Individual classes are $25 each, five-class packages are $99, and 10 classes are $179; new members also enjoy a one-week unlimited class pass for $50. Private lessons are $130 per sesh and the studio's also offering an unlimited monthly package for $199 (includes Herjavec's latest book and DVD) now through August 31.

Below, read on to find out what Herjavec loves about her studio's dance history, the class she recommends for the summer season, and more; then head over to The BOD by Kym's website to see the class schedule and book your next workout here.

Photo: The BOD by Kym

What drew you to open in Richard Simmons' former studio?

It's an iconic space where people can feel comfortable to be themselves and get fit without judgement. It's always been a dream of mine to open my own dance studio and I wanted to expand my passion for fitness and health. I loved the physical space and was immediately drawn to the great energy which, I think, is a carry-over from the  Richard Simmons days. I love him and I want to continue the legacy.

Which class do you recommend for those looking to get fit for swimwear season?

I would recommend taking our Dance Fit Latin Bod class which is a total body workout with dance cardio for toning and some sculpting at the end.  I often teach this class which combines dances you've seen on Dancing with the Stars including the jive, cha cha, samba and a little bit of a quickstep into a fun fitness routine. By combining toning and sculpting, you will get that summer BOD you're looking for and have a blast doing it!

What's your favorite aspect about the studio space itself?

I fell in love with the studio the minute I set eyes on it because it has such great energy and is so light and bright. People feel welcome and enjoy being in the space.  We are getting a great response from clients who have taken the classes. I feel we are creating a great community in Beverly Hills.  We recently had our official ribbon cutting with Mayor Lili Bosse, is especially wonderful and so supportive.

The BOD by Kym
9306 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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