Depop's First-Ever IRL Space in Silver Lake Houses a Photo Studio, Party-Ready Lights, and More

You can shop its top SoCal sellers' goods there, too.

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Although Depop was bred in Italy and London, the social shopping platform chose to make its IRL debut in our very own City of Angels. Open as of last Friday, the marketplace app's first-ever brick-and-mortar space in Silver Lake isn't just a cool hangout for LA's vintage vendors — it'll also be a place where visitors can shop their goods offline, too.

When it came to searching for its LA digs, it's no coincidence that Depop moved into the complex that also houses cult-favorite fragrance brand Le Labo and luxe sunnies brand RETROSUPERFUTURE, which Beckerman co-founded with his brother, Daniel.

"We had this advantage, but having said so, I wouldn't have come here if I didn't think the area was the best for us," Beckerman tells us while sitting in the bright multi-use space, which features a bookable photo studio, office, and retail area that'll showcase a selection of Depop sellers' finds that can be shopped on the spot.

Currently on the racks are pieces from Depop's Best of LA capsule featuring their most successful SoCal sellers; expect to find Tommy Hilfiger tops, puffy Fila jackets, Fubu sweaters, and more '90s gems alongside vintage cameras and accessories. The collection is shoppable IRL and via the app through April 15.

The space will serve as an offline community hub for Depop users: There'll be a regular schedule of weekly workshops, where sellers can pick up tricks of the trade like how to source vintage, build their brand, and style photo shoots, to name a few. The space will also host events like pop-in shops and listing parties, which is where the space's color-changing (and mood-setting) lighting comes in. Angeleno sellers won't be the only ones who'll enjoy these perks: Depop plans on opening a New York space soon, too.

While previewing the space on a rainy LA day, we sat down with Beckerman to find out why he loves Silver Lake, his thoughts on '90s style, why he's literally dreaming about sneakers, and more. Read on below, and scroll through the gallery above to see more inside Depop's cool and colorful LA space.

What do you love about Depop's LA home?

LA generally is a city where people love to socialize around buying and selling… So it's very appropriate for Depop to launch in LA for its first space. Silver Lake…[has] the right kind of vibe for us; there's lots of creative people, they're super easy, they like to buy vintage pieces, there's a lot of up-and-coming stores from smaller brands, cafés, and these kind of things. It's a very experimental neighborhood and Depop is all about experimenting and doing what others haven't done.

How have you seen LA fashion represented on Depop?

There's these people in LA that sell vintage from the '90s and I love them; we have one of their pieces here. This whole '90s vibe is coming back: Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger…So there's a lot of colors mixed in one single piece. That's definitely something that I like a lot. But I've [also] seen a lot of black in LA; we have it in the U.K. and New York, but in LA I didn't expect to see so much of it. They call it something like "ghetto goth". [Laughs] And there's this whole sportswear [scene] — Nike, Fila, Adidas, but all black.

What are your thoughts on the comeback of '90s style?

I was 14 in 1990. So when Fresh Prince started I was in my teens, so I lived the beginning of it – the first round of it! And so seeing that it's coming back now is very nice. I also [experienced the beginning of the sneaker craze], for example when the whole Air Jordans thing started. In 1984 I was 10, and my mom took me to the shop to buy the Jordan 1s. So I [saw] all the Jordans when they came out.

I had a dream recently where I was actually going back in time, walking in Oxford Street in London where all these sneaker shops are. I'm walking in these shops and seeing all these shops when they came out and thinking, "Oh shit, I traveled in time, I need to buy as much as I can and bring them back into the future!" It was amazing. I woke up so disappointed.

Well thanks to Depop, we can actually find the clothing that we used to wear in the '90s. Have you ever tried to buy any items that you used to have back then?

Definitely all of the Air Jordans, from the 1s to the 7s. But the problem is I tried to buy them recently, and I noticed that I don't feel [as] good in them anymore as I did at the time! So I'd rather wear them maybe on a Sunday.

Depop is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11am to 7pm and Sunday from 12 to 7pm; closed Monday and Wednesday.

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