Young Hollywood's Rising Talents On What It Means to Be An Influencer

We chatted with stars at NYLON's Young Hollywood party.

Event photos: Courtesy of Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for NYLON

Last night, NYLON toasted some of Generation Z's most influential game changers at its annual Young Hollywood party. The stylish soirée took place at swanky party spot Avenue, where the fashionable (and now online-only) magazine celebrated its 25 digital cover stars who are making major waves in media, activism, music, beauty and fashion, and acting.

The guest list included NYLON cover stars like transgender activist, author, and TLC star Jazz Jennings; vlogger Lele Pons; and Alexa & Katie actor Paris Berelc alongside Marcus Scribner of Blackish13 Reasons Why's Ajiona Alexus, Chelsea Alden,  Timothy Granaderos, Samantha Logan, and Steven Silver; Dear White People's Logan Browning; the cast of Vanderpump Rules; and many, many others. In addition to sipping on fruit-infused cocktails, attendees enjoyed makeup touch-ups by Pinkie Swear, a live DJ set by AMRIT, and an intimate performance by Tommy Genesis.

We took to the red carpet to ask a handful of rising stars about the most inspiring advice they've ever received and what it means to be an influencer. Here, NYLON cover star Paris Berelc, Daytime Emmy award-winning actress Anne Winters, Grammy-nominated musician Gabe Roland, and others shared their favorite wise words and more — read on below. (Pssst, there's still time to catch our coverage of the scene on Instagram Stories!)

— Intro by Danielle Directo-Meston, interviews by Natalie Goenaga

Paris Berelc

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "Always take care of yourself first." Paris Berelc, actress

Anne Winters

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "I would say honestly as cheesy at it sounds, be yourself. Our generation is really owning up to who [they] are. Being different is cool.

On what it means to be influencer: "The most important part of being a young influencer is [about] really trying to make an impact. That's something that I've been thinking about: How can I really make a difference, what can I say to people, how can I build others up. It's really what I want to do; make other people feel good about themselves."Anne Winters, actress

Don Benjamin

On the most inspiring advice he's ever received: "Take it a day at a time; enjoy the moment. Don't try to rush too far into the future."Don Benjamin, model, actor, and hip-hop artist

Liane V.

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "Be grateful and not compare your success to others because everyone's path is different. Enjoy the journey." Liane V., singer, dancer, and actress

Timothy Granaderos

On the most inspiring advice he's received: "Find inner stillness because you need to be able to center yourself…In chaos and crazy times, just find stillness. My mind is constantly racing so you gotta be able to center yourself and find yourself even in crazy situations like [this red carpet!]"

On what it means to be influencer: "We have voice. We can speak to the younger audience [and] use it to do good. Being positive and just spreading positivity and leading by example [are also important]." Timothy Granaderos, actor

Victoria Konefal

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "Never listen to what others have to say about you because they're probably wrong." Victoria Konefal, actress

Montana Tucker

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "Never give up and never listen to anyone else [regardless] of what their opinions are of you. If you believe in yourself, your dreams will happen."

On what it means to be an influencer: "You have this platform to really inspire and you can reach people all around the world [who] one day you may meet or may never meet.. But they can follow you on social media and really learn from you. Just keep putting out positive energy and inspire people."Montana Tucker, singer

Jenna Ortega

On the most inspiring advice she's ever received: "Don't let the 'nos' get to you. In this business you get a lot more now than 'yeses' and you just have to keep pushing through."

On what it means to be an influencer: "Educating kids on things that they need to know especially since they're the world's future leaders. It's important that they know world topics and learn how to love themselves." Jenna Ortega, actress

Gabe Roland

On the most inspiring advice he's ever received: "My most inspiring piece of advice came from Justin Timberlake. He told me to trust my creativity we were on tour for [his album "The 20/20 Experience"]. That's when he told me that he actually wrote "Mirrors" six years prior to him releasing the song. That gave me so much encouragement [and] strength. Even if everybody doesn't get it right now, don't abandon your ideas. Sometimes people are just slow."Gabe Roland, Grammy-nominated musician

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