This New LA Fitness Studio Is All About Shaping Your Booty

Bünda has arrived on West Third Street.

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People often say they're either a bust person or a booty person — and if you fall into the former camp (or are trying to catch the eye of someone in it), then Bünda is here for you. The new fitness studio — named after the Portuguese slang word for "butt" — has landed on stylish West Third Street, where it's now getting LA bums #belfie-ready.

The 2,000-square-foot sweat sanctuary was founded by trainer Katie Lilly, who spent time as a Tier X trainer at Equinox before breaking out on her own. (Oh, and she's got a master's degree in Exercise Science, NBD.) Her expertly-designed workouts focus on training the lower body in order to burn max calories in 50 minutes — resulting in a sculpted and stronger derriere. Bünda's got four different classes to help you get one: There's the Butt & Legs (which are on the sched every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), Arms & Abs (which take place every Tuesday and Thursday), the GluteCamp (which focuses on "isolation exercises" for all skill levels every Saturday), and the well-rounded (no pun intended) total body sesh every Sunday.

Workouts are powered by the classic Stairmaster (which will occupy at least half of each class) and the custom Bünda station. The former promises low-impact, high-cardio sweat seshes that sculpt the butt and legs "without burning all of your muscle tone", while the latter muscle-boosting machine is used to focus on the class' sweat theme.

Price-wise, a single class will cost you $30 and packages range from $140 for five classes to $500 for 20. New clients can either score their first class for free or try the studio's two-for-$30 deal.

Into it? See more inside the space and scroll through the gallery above, then check the class schedule and book your spot online here.

Bünda is open from 6:30am to 8:30pm daily.

8231 West Third St., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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