City Council Votes to Make Los Angeles the Largest Fur-Free Capital of The World

That is, if an ordinance to ban fur is passed into law.

Photo: Peace Love Shea

We don't exactly need massive mink coats here in the winter, but this next news is something that'll warm the hearts of all fashion-loving, anti-cruelty Angelenos. Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to take steps toward banning the sale of fur, making it the largest city in the world to do so, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Councilmembers voted unanimously to prohibit the sale of clothing and accessories made of fur, including bags, footwear, hats, jewelry, earmuffs, and keychains. (Vintage and used fur products are excluded.) As the Times reports, the vote "also directed the city attorney to report back to the council on several issues, including how fur apparel is utilized by religious organizations, and possible exemptions, as well as potential conflicts with federal and state laws relating to sale of fur products derived from legally trapped animals."

Once the ordinance is approved and signed into law by Mayor Eric Garcetti, retailers will have a two-year phase-in period before the ban takes effect.

West Hollywood — an incorporated city not part of Los Angeles — signed its own fur ban into law in 2011; it took effect September 21, 2013. As LA Times notes, WeHo's law "was changed to exempt fur from animals that are legally trapped under state law."

Read the full story over at the LA Times here.

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