West 3rd Street's Coolest Gifts for Design Lovers, Beauty Buffs, & Everyone Else On Your Holiday List

From non-toxic skincare kits to chic succulents that won't die.

We've already singled out cool presents for stylish womenmen, and kids (including the furry ones!), and now we're continuing our holiday shopping guide — created in partnership with our friends at West 3rd Street — with picks for those who aren't so wardrobe-focused. Whether you're looking for something special for budding interior designers, the ever-gracious party host, skincare enthusiasts, or home chefs, there are plenty of thoughtful treasures to be found along the buzzing retail stretch.

As a reminder, the fashionable boulevard's annual holiday street party takes place tomorrow, Saturday, December 1 from 2 to 6 p.m., and over 60 stores, restaurants, salons, and fitness studios will be joining in on the action. See the full list of discounts, in-store promos, and more right here, and read on below for some of the items you'll be able to shop during the festive bash.

For Home Decor Lovers

Glass vase with stand, $35; ceramic succulents, $3 to $8 at New Stone Age

Got someone with a black thumb? This minimalist-cool vase is perfect for showing off ceramic succulents, and all of these items can be found at New Stone Age.
New Stone Age, 8407 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 658-5969


Wildflora build your own gift box with bouquet, $100 and up

Fashionable floral and home decor shop Wildfora can create a custom gift tin to suit your loved one's tastes, and it also comes with a chic floral arrangement, too.
Wildflora, 8215 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (301) 850-8326


Kazi storage baskets, $45 each at New Stone Age

Globally-inspired dwellers will love these hand-woven baskets by Kazi, which supports artisans in Africa. 
New Stone Age
, 8407 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 658-5969


Studio Arhoj Ghost figurines, at Wittmore

Decor aficionados with a sense of humor will welcome these playful little ghost figures by Studio Arhoj.
, 8236 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 782-9791


Dried flower smudges, $20 at New Stone Age

These bundles of palo santo and dried flowers (available with or without crystals) will help set good vibes to your bohemian-cool friends and family.
New Stone Age, 8407 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 658-5969


For Rest & Relaxation Enthusiasts

Wild Honey Botanicals masks, soaks, and soaks, $7 to $12 at Wildflora

Once the holidays are over, these bath salts, soaks, and face masks will help anyone wind down from the busy festive season.
Wildflora, 8215 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (301) 850-8326


Halló Sápa soaps, $8 each at William B + Friends

These mineral-rich, anti-bacterial soaps made form kelp and volcanic ash from Iceland will encourage any bath taker to keep calm — without having to board a plane to the Nordic Island.
William B + Friends
, 8300 1/2 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 548-9939


Gogosha x Miwak Junior eye pipe, $135

Ceci n'est pas un incense holder, and this discerning pot pipe — a collaboration between Gogosha eyewear boutique owner Julia Gogosha and local ceramist Miwak Junior — doubles as both a relaxation-inducing smoking vessel and eye-popping tabletop decor for for your favorite design-minded, glasses-wearing CBD enthusiast.
Gogosha Boutique, 8238 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 655-1122

French tea satchel set (excludes teacup), $20 at Nathalie Seaver

Those who prefer other herbal indulgences can enjoy these French teas, which will transport drinkers to Paris with every sip.
Nathalie Seaver Boutique, 8360 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 653-8286


BedHead Pajamas Classy Cats PJ sets, $36 to $108

For families of feline fanatics, these silly Classy Cats pajama sets will get everyone — well, except the dog — in a festive and meow-y (translation: merry) mood.
BedHead Pajamas, 8336 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 653-8336


Assorted scarves, $28 to $38

Your loved ones don't need to reside in a blustery climate to enjoy these stylish and comfy scarves, which are available in an array of colors and prints.
Shopaholic Sample Sales, 8032 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 930-9909


For the Chic Cocktail Party Host

This playful pup platter makes a great conversation starter at any cocktail party — and it'll be especially appreciated among dog-loving hosts.
Freehand Gallery
, 8413 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; ( 323) 655-2607


Ethan + Ashe Alkemista alcochol infusion vessel, $90

Budding mixologists can hone their cocktail crafting skills with this sleek lab-grade glass vessel, which includes a stainless steel filter for holding fruit, botanicals, and other inventive ingredients.
New Stone Age, 8407 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 658-5969


Cocktail glasses, $18 each at William B + Friends

Your fashionable cocktail-crafting pal will need something to serve those sips, and these tumblers are both chic and affordable. (Not to mention, they've got some great advice to take in during those drinking seshes.)
William B + Friends, 8300 1/2 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 548-9939


Assorted napkins, $12 at Area Home

Table linens aren't always something to write home about, but Area Home's luxe towels and napkins will have anyone excited to set an impressive table for dinner party guests.
Area Home, 8307 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 951-0133


Nathalie Seaver Boutique Bougie de Paris candles, $28

The City of Lights in a candle? Oui, s'il vous plaît — these ones by half-French designer Nathalie Seaver will evoke Paris via scents of verbena, figue, lavender, sweet tobacco, and the ocean.
Nathalie Seaver Boutique, 8360 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 653-8286


For the Gourmand Chef

Wooden pinch bowl set, $42 at Wildflora

It's about time your chic chef upgrades their culinary supplies, and these wooden pinch bowls are the perfect gift for that.
Wildflora, 8215 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (301) 850-8326


Assorted cutting and serving boards, $48 to $166 at Area Home

These Scandinavian-inspired boards are ideal for chopping food as well as serving up charcuterie in a minimalist-cool way.
Area Home, 8307 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 951-0133


Moonstruck chocolate bars, $8 at Wildflora

Not only are these gourmet bars great for snacking, they'll upgrade any baker's pantry, too.
Wildflora, 8215 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (301) 850-8326


Noel Cruzilles fruit jelly gift tin, $39 at Nathalie Seaver Boutique

Sweet-toothed Francophiles will have to resist enjoying all of these fruit jellies, which are traditional dessert treats in France.
Nathalie Seaver Boutique
, 8360 West 3rd St., LA, 90048; (323) 653-8286


For Beauty Buffs

All items below from Credo Beauty, 8327 West 3rd St., (323) 272-3195

Tenoverten nail polish trio, $45

Fact: Many nail polishes contain formaldehyde (the same chemical used in embalming, yuck!) — but not these non-toxic lacquers from cruelty-free, 8-free nailcare brand Tenoverten.


Assorted Skin Gym skincare accessories, $32 to $68

No, these are not medieval torture devices, and skincare enthusiasts will be happy to massage their faces (and get a great glow while boosting circulation) with Skin Gym's gua sha rose quartz tool and facial rollers.


Credo Beauty Discovery Set, $45

For makeup mavens who want to dip their toes into non-toxic beauty, this intro kit from Credo will get them started on the right foot.


Credo Beauty Fresh Start set, $35

Whether it's finals or last-minute gift shopping, December can sure be stressful — and those with sensitive skin can probably attest to that. This non-toxic box filled with products from Herbivore, Osea, and other cult-cool beauty brands will help anyone start 2019 with a fresh face.

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