You'll Want to Collect All of the Charms from New L.A. Fine Jewelry Line The Fête

Avocados, cacti, and rainbows, oh my.

It's only a matter of time before every single '90s trend from our youth makes its rightful comeback (oh hey, Caboodles, scrunchies, and hair barrettes), and here's yet another revival we're more than happy to rally behind. Offering a #adulting-friendly take on our favorite BFF charm bracelets is The Fête, a new fine jewelry line that's ready to get your arm and ear party started.

You may already be familiar with the sculptural adornments of The Fête founder and CEO Elena Howell, the L.A.-based architect-turned-designer who's also behind the sculptural jewelry brand TomTom (which counts Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Kate Mara among its fans). Her new accoutrements endeavor is a minimalist direct-to-consumer line is comprised of 14k gold charms ($85 to $180), as well as chains and bracelets ($15 to $245), hoop earrings ($98 to $103 for a single), and necklaces ($260 to $530) for wearing your fashionable flair proudly.

The Fête (which translates to "party" in French) offers something for every vibe, from the two-piece BFF heart and the lock and key charms (so you and your bestie or S.O. can get all matchy-matchy) to an avocado (calling all millennials) and the evil eye to the statement-making "mama" and "boss" charms. Angelenos will especially want to collect the palm tree and cactus charms, while other whimsical options include a unicorn, shooting stars, cherries, and a peace hand, to name just a few.

Of course, there are also initial charms, as well as cheeky extras for getting the party started (like a Mad Libs-style love note, matches, a gold mini piñata, colorful bracelet tassels, and more). And if you're looking to shop for a good cause, The Fête is also donating $10 from the sale of its "mama", safety pin, and Venus symbol trinkets to Every Mother Counts, the ACLU, and Girl Up, respectively.

We recently caught up with Howell as she prepped for her brand's site launch all while tending to two sick kiddos and running the show at TomTom. (Clearly, she deserves her very own giant "mama boss" charm.)

Here, the designer—who comes from a long line of jewelry makers that include her grandfathers and great-grandfathers—tells us more about the spirit behind her new line. Read on below to find out how The Fête is different than her first celeb-faved label (though we predict it'll quickly attract its own starry fanbase), how the City of Angeles inspired her designs, and more, then shop the label online here.

Given the meaning of fête, what is the brand celebrating?

The Fête is a fine charm jewelry line that celebrates all of the qualities that make us unique.  I love that charm bracelets are essentially a collection of tiny objects that you wear to make you happy.  Whether it's the initial charms to remind you of your loved ones or the avocado charm to remind you of your love for avocado toast—it's really a celebration of your life; a literal wrist party or fête.

You're also the designer of TomTom Jewelry. How is The Fête different?

TomTom and The Fête are pretty much night and day—to the point where when I showed my friends the direction I was pivoting in, a lot of them just paused and said, "Huh?" TomTom was large abstract sculptural pieces inspired by my career as an architect. While The Fête still maintains my minimalist aesthetic—the designs are very clean and unembellished—it is a much more light-hearted and fun brand.

How does L.A. inspire your new label's designs?

I loved pulling in elements of Los Angeles and its environs to create this line. The palm tree, cactus, avocado & peace sign charms are definitely meant to invoke that L.A. vibe, and as a native Angeleno I definitely see myself continuing to design pieces using this city as inspiration.

What are a few of your favorite Fête pieces right now and why?

Every charm has a very clear sentiment behind it, and right now I'm obsessed with the safety pin charm. A safety pin can have so many different meanings behind it, but I designed it to symbolize unity and togetherness with a very specific charity partnership in mind, the ACLU—luckily they said "yes" to the partnership!

As a mother of 5- and 7-year-olds, the "mama" charm is also really special to me—and it also has another amazing partnership attached to it, Christy Turlington's nonprofit Every Mother Counts.

And the bow charm—which is surprisingly cute to wear as a single earring, especially next to the safety pin. Love that mix of girly and punk.

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