L.A.'s First Money-Themed Interactive Pop-Up Will Give You More Than Selfies

No, Stacks House isn't a bank—but it'll teach you how to navigate yours.

Unless you're a social media superstar who's unlocked the secret to making money off #content, most of L.A.'s many, many Instagram wonderlands are more of an investment in entertainment than your future bank account—that is, until Stacks House pops up in DTLA this month. It's a new photogenic pop-up that aims to empower women through financial literacy, meaning you'll leave with much more than just selfies.

Landing in the Arts District just in time for the end of tax season (and smack dab in the middle of Financial Literacy Month, which is apparently a thing), the money-minded "museum" runs from Wednesday, April 17 to Sunday, May 19. (Perhaps coincidentally, it's taking over the Museum of Ice Cream's former space.) Stacks House was co-founded by award-winning personal finance expert, best-selling author, and So Money podcast host Farnoosh Torabi, along with experiential masterminds Kindra Meyer and Patience Ramsey—which is all to say you'll be getting some sage money advice, from how to cut down your debt, save wisely, invest intelligently, and of course, how to bring home a bigger paycheck under one 'grammable roof.

Expect to be schooled as you explore educational rooms like the Stacks Salon, the Debt Boxing Gym, Zelle's Money Moves Room, the Retirement Rodeo (presented by investment company Charles Schwab) and the Gold Bar (yes, an actual bar that'll serve you rosé from Day Owl, another female-founded company). There'll also be a Stacks Shops pop-up by female-powered retailer network Bulletin (which is like a matchmaker between digitally-native brands and cool IRL spaces), and attendees can expect to pick up everything from finance books to feminist merch and more.

"For women, money isn't just power; it's freedom. Freedom to make choices, walk away from bad situations and live life on our own terms," Torabi says in a release. Pointing out that women will control two-thirds of America's wealth within the next decade, she notes "yet we earn less, save less and pay more for things than our male counterparts, creating additional obstacles to our financial freedom. With Stacks House, we're equipping women with the inspiration, and information, to realize their own financial potential." (We like her already.)

The pop-up runs Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 to 10 p.m. (it's closed for private events Mondays and Tuesdays), and visits are booked in two-hour sessions. Admission is just $38, which means it'll only cost you eight-and-a-half grande iced caramel macchiatos from Starbucks—yes, we actually did the math—to invest in your financial future.

Into it? Buy your tickets online here.

Stacks House, 2018 East 7th St., L.A. 90021; April 17 to May 19, Wednesdays through Sundays from 12 to 10 p.m.

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