New L.A. Cannabis Brand Besito's Hexagon-Shaped Vapes Will Ensure the Most Chic & Chill Hangouts

Its 2:1 THC to CBD formulas are designed to create the best social sitches.

Here's some blunt talk: While we're always down for the ritual of smoking flowers, sometimes there's nothing like a stress-free (read: grinding-, rolling-, or pipe packing-free) drag from a good ol' vaporizer. For those looking for a more elevated puff-puff-pass sesh Meet Besito, new upscale vape founded by a branding and product design pro Maggie Connors, who cut her teeth at brands like Apple, PepsiCo, and Starbucks, to name a few.

The Los Angeles-based cannabis brand (which means "little kisses" in Spanish) recently launched three naturally-flavored sativa hybrids formulated for socializing: Blackberry, mint, and grapefruit (our personal fave). Butter-fingered marijuana enthusiasts will dig the hexagon-shaped vapes (no more runaway pens!), which are made with medical-grade stainless steel and feature ceramic wick technology for a clean and safe inhale.

Given that the brand's motto is "more fuck yeah and less oh, fuck," the formulas have a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD) ratio of two to one. (For those that need a primer, THC is the hallucinogenic chemical, while CBD is the calm-giving, pain-relieving ingredient.) It's currently available in most of L.A. via cannabis delivery service Eaze and at West Hollywood dispensary LAPCG.

"Besito helps add presence and inspiration to the most menial as well as moving activities, whether it's folding laundry or walking through an art exhibit," Connors tells us. "It's a beautiful way to bring a bit of magic to everyday life."

Connor spent two years researching and developing Besito in Santa Monica before launching the brand, all the while putting her experience in finance, consumer goods, and packaging design to use. An advocate for sustainability, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ rights, and scientific research in the cannabis industry, Connor has combined all of her passions into the brand, whether it's rolling out diverse ad campaigns to welcoming formerly incarcerated job applicants.

We recently sat down with Connors to find out more about what sparked the creation of Besito, how its cannabis is sourced, and how her past career experiences inspired her new company — read on below, and visit the brand online here.

Given your extensive experience in brand management at some pretty big companies, what were some of the takeaways that you knew you wanted bring to your own business?

I wanted to bring an authentic and fresh creative energy to the cannabis industry, but without the corporate backing that can hinder expression. At the same time I've seen best-in-class consumer brand management, and how to innovate at massive scale.

How long had the idea to create your own cannabis brand been brewing?

Pretty immediately after moving to California I knew the cannabis market warranted more options. Most of the products were extremely potent and intimidating, and I knew there were many occasions where a lighter option would be appreciated. California offers an effortless, natural lifestyle and consumers needed more stylish products to seamlessly fit in.

What were some of the things that were most important to you as you started the company?

Since the beginning, we've been committed to intuitive dosing and building an inclusive community. The War on Drugs has disproportionately affected people of color, and we're committed to building an equitable legal cannabis industry.

Can you tell more about your cannabis source, and what you love about the growers you work with?

Besitos' source cannabis is grown with extreme care in California, and then safely extracted and refined to delicious two-to-one THC to CBD oil blends. We never use fillers or other unhealthy ingredients and are proud to meet and surpass the high standards required by the legal cannabis industry.

Got any fun cannabis-related stories that have played any sort of role in Besito's creation?

After hearing one too many friends have an awful, unpredictable experience — especially with homemade edibles — I knew a more consistent product would be required for cannabis to appeal to a mainstream consumer. Vaporizers provide an immediate effect, while also being much healthier and discreet than traditional smoking.

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