America's First-Ever Cannabis Café Serves Farm-to-Table Mary Jane & Gourmet Munchies in L.A.

You can dine and openly dab, smoke, or vape at Lowell Café.

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If Los Angeles' new class of elevated cannabis options has your pothead palate salivating, then you'll want to grab a seat (and take a hit) at America's first-ever flower-powered eatery in our very own city — and we're not talking daisies and roses here. In case you missed that not-so-subtle billboard, L.A.-based organic MJ brand Lowell Herb Co. has opened Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café, a new weed wonderland that's now serving up gourmet farm-to-table bites, blunts, and more in West Hollywood.

Officially open as of last week, the 5,900-square-foot Lowell Café is the first cannabis consumption-licensed restaurant in the U.S. It was a joint effort (get it?) between the restaurant and the city of WeHo, which created eight different licenses and coordinated with L.A. county and the state on legal logistics. (Fun fact: Lowell Herb Co. was selected to be the first out of an applicant pool of over 300.)

It's helmed by executive chef Andrea Drummer (perhaps you've seen her in Netflix's Cooking on High?), who's whipped up a gourmet menu of salads, sandwiches, sweets, and snacks ($8 to $27) that pair perfectly with specific terpenes and flavors of mary jane strains. The munchie-friendly dishes include grilled cheese sandwiches, smash burgers with Angus beef and roasted red pepper and garlic aioli, bahn mi sandwiches in meat and vegetarian options, vegan nachos, Cointreau crepes, Fruity Pebble cheesecake, and much, much more — just note that due to federal laws, the ingredients won't include THC or CBD. (Hungry yet?)

Looking to dine and dab, smoke, or vape (or whatever's your method of choice)? As part of the Tableside Flower Service, a Flower Host will explain every available flavor and strength of indica, sativa, and hybrid (as well as THC-less options) from Lowell's own selection alongside other top-notch brands, including 22 Red, Maven, L.A. Kush, 710 Labs, and Space Coyote, among others. You can choose from classic buds, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles (including chocolates from Mindset Organics and Defonce and gummies from Wyld), and beverages (Kikoko, Cann, Keef, and Two Roots).

You can't bring your own glass accoutrements — however, you can rent a hookah-inspired bong made of copper, glass, and steel for $200, or a Stündenglass gravity bong for $75. Other wallet-friendly rental options include terra cotta pipes and bongs by Summerland and Miwak Jr. for $15 to $30. If you decide to bring your own herb, note that there's a "toke-age" fee of $30 per person.

Prefer to pass on puffing? There's also a smoke-free outdoor patio for those who choose not to partake, while an essential oil-infused air ventilation system ensures the most discreet, scent-controlled experience — not that you need to be looking over your shoulder here anyway.

Into it? Scroll through the gallery above for more photos inside; walk-ins are accepted and you can also book a reservation online here or by calling the number below.

Lowell Cafe, 1201 North La Brea Ave., West Hollywood, 90038; 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily; (323) 975-7676

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