'Botched' Doc Paul Nassif On His New Skincare for Gen Z & the Beauty Habits Everyone Should Follow

As If is here to simplify your routine.

Arguably, confidence should come from within — but that hasn't stopped anyone from seeking it in everything from fountain-of-youth concoctions to therapy to surgery. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif is quite familiar with that last part, and while he may be best known for working wonders with needles and scalpels on Botched, his latest endeavor, As If by Nassif, aims to boost morale (and kickstart a good skincare routine) via masks and moisturizers.

The reality TV doc's recently-launched cruelty-free line is comprised of multi-tasking skincare products geared towards Gen Z and Millennials. Regardless of age, Nassif tells us that "the biggest mistake is using products that aren't potent enough to address skin issues and concerns. We believe every type of skin has three requirements: cleansing, purifying, and moisturizing. The As If regimen covers all three."

Priced from $34 to $40 (or $89 for the full kit), the brand launched with three 'grammable products designed to work seamlessly together in one hassle-free routine. There's the #GetWoke clay cleanser that "a mask, exfoliator and deep cleanser, all in one," says Nassif, while the #AreWeClear essence "purifies skin, fights breakouts and helps reduce pore size" via peptides and plant extracts. Topping it all off is the #YouFeelMe hydrocream moisturizer, which contains a proprietary cocktail of amino acids, peptides, shea butter, and other ingredients that leave the skin looking radiant and protect from environmental damage.

The power trio also helps to reduce redness, refine skin texture, and smooth out lines. Even better? Everything is free of not-so-good ingredients including endocrine disruptors like phthalates and parabens, mineral oil, lanolin, and formaldehyde.

For maximum transparency, the brand also lists all of its ingredients online, so you can read all about how aloe leaf juice will soothe and hydrate your skin, or that olive oil-derived squalane will help retain moisture, and how gluconolactone will help stimulate cell turnover and clear out pores. (Sign us up.)

We recently caught up with Nassif to find out more about his new line. Read one below and get his tried-and-true tips for getting healthy skin (besides using his new products), then shop As If online here.

What issues and concerns were you seeing among your clients that sparked your skincare line and each of the products?

Our clients are Gen Z and Millennials. They're interested in taking care of their skin, but aren't always sure what type of products they should use or whether the results will be worth their time. As If skincare produces visible results, quickly and we've made the regimen simple to use, which is why our clients find it easy to stick with it.  Even when they forget to do the right thing, their skin recovers quickly because it's strong and resilient from good care.  

When you were developing the line, what ingredients were "must-haves" for you?

Each product is fully loaded with treatment ingredients that are clinically proven. Our star ingredient is the As If peptide complex.  This is a proprietary amino acid blend that acts as a complete support system, to make skin smooth, radiant, and healthy. We've also used a selection of botanicals to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. Whether the issue is breakouts, dull skin, or the start of fine lines, the as|if formulas address these concerns and all skin types.

What other lifestyle habits should Gen Z and Millennials adopt for the best skin health?

The most important habit that Gen Z and Millennials can adopt is to care for their skin twice a day, morning and night. In addition, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and get a good night's sleep. Nighttime is when our skin and body repairs and refreshes itself.  

Lastly, try to manage your stress level because stress shows up on the skin.

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