Highland Park Scores a High-Intensity Pilates Studio Beloved by SNL Cast Members & Models

Star-beloved trainer Jamie Ehrlich shares her top advice for sticking to NYE resolutions, too.

After sculpting startup execs in Silicon Valley and SNL's cast members and models in NYC, L.A.-bred celebrity trainer Jamie Ehrlich is bringing her sweat sessions back to where it all started. Over 15 years after kicking off her career training L.A. actors and athletes, the fitness pro debuted her first SoCal studio, Made by Pilates, in Highland Park in early December.

Located just off bustling Figueroa Boulevard, the 2,000-square-foot space houses a stylish lounge (and even a chic loo!) and a group workout room with Allegro 2 reformer machines for giving clients a full-body, core-focused workout. For those seeking one-on-one time, there's also a private studio equipped with a Balanced Body Cadillac reformer and more state-of-the-art gear.

The 50-minute, music-driven classes offer "a unique approach with a faster pace and more intense workout, while still upholding the foundations of classical Pilates." Translation? You'll break a sweat without being pushed too hard, resulting in a stronger physique.

As far as pricing, single workouts are $36 each, packages range from $99 for three classes to $290 for 10, and founding memberships are $249 per month for unlimited classes.

We recently go to know Ehrlich to find out what she loves about her new Eastside space, why she's excited to teach in L.A. again, her top advice for sticking to those New Year's fitness resolutions, and more. Keep reading below, then book a spot in a group workout online here or schedule a one-on-one session by emailing info@madebypilates.com.

What drew you to open specifically in Highland Park? 

I was looking for a neighborhood that had a strong community feel that I could be a part of and that was walkable with cool places for me and my clients to enjoy before and after class. It has exceeded my expectations in both ways! I have received such a warm welcome from the neighborhood, know all the small business owners around me, and feel like we already in a short time are building our own community within the studio. Not to mention this area has some of the best food in L.A.!

Tell us more about your bicoastal influences when it comes to your approach to fitness — how have your experiences in Silicon Valley and NYC shaped your workout teaching style?

I describe my style as contemporary and more athletic while still rooted in the foundations of classical Pilates. My goal is to give someone a full-body workout that covers everything in a way that is challenging but safe. Besides being an instructor and business owner, I am a Pilates connoisseur! I love checking out other studios and instructors and have gained so much inspiration from doing so in every city I visit. Every city has its own fitness personality: in NYC people often came to me for a specific reason at first and then stayed on (bridal, prenatal, injury rehab) and in L.A. it's more just general fitness. One thing they have in common is everyone wants real results whether that is to look better, feel better, or perform better, and that is exactly what I do!

Now that you're back in L.A., what do you look forward to most about living in the City of Angels again?

I am very excited to be done with winter, but besides that I am loving the laid back lifestyle and the prevalent healthy mindset.

What's your top advice for those who really want to stay motivated and stick to their New Year's fitness and health resolutions?

Find a workout you like. For me that's Pilates!  It is fun, makes me feel great, and my body responds really well to it, so it's not hard for me to stick to, but everyone needs to find their "thing." The best workout is the one you will actually do! If it feels like a chore or you don't see results it's easy to give up. Make sure the workout you chose is in line with your personal fitness goals and don't be shy to communicate those goals to your trainer or class teacher. 

Made By Pilates, 117 North Avenue 59, L.A., 90042; classes available between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

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