GoodSkin's Revamped Aesthetics Boutique Brings a European Approach to Fillers and Skin Treatments

It's all about healthy (not anti) aging at the Paris-inspired space.

Goodskin Brentwood
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Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood
Goodskin Brentwood

We may not be able to turn back time (or fast forward, in the case of 2020), but that's a different story when it comes to our faces. Fountain of Youth-seeking Angelenos who learn towards more natural-looking cosmetic treatments have a new(ish) option at GoodSkin, which recently expanded its Brentwood skin care haven.

The tech-focused aesthetics boutique and medical office's new L.A. studio now houses five private treatment rooms (its previous outpost had just one) and features Hollywood-worthy lighting that recreates the natural outdoors — all the better to see you during consultations and before, during, and after treatments. (Fun fact: A industry lighting producer had a hand in that design.) GoodSkin also has New York location that opened last year.

GoodSkin was founded by Los Angeles-bred physicians assistant Lisa Goodman, who previously trained under star-beloved L.A. dermatologist and SkinFive founder Dr. Ava Shamban. After spending a month in Europe, Goodman was inspired to inject the French's approach to holistic wellness to her treatments, which involves taking into account the aging process of patients' family members, clients' medical history, and lifestyle, to name a few. The result: Goodman's "Untouched Look" method, which emphasizes on "slowing down the aging process" by way of personalized, science-based procedures that won't leave you with the dreaded frozen face.

The menu offers a range of skin care services and face and body treatments, such as IPL facials, peels, microneedling, laser facelifts, injectables, Botox muscle retraining (including for Bell's Palsy, headaches, jaw clenching, and nose slimming), Kybella sculpting, Threads, B12 injections, and much more. Signature treatments include the Tacking Lift, Calcium Jowl Lift, Aquagold Botox and filler facials, forehead smoothing, Botox/filler corrections, and crepey skin rejuvenation, to name a few. The shop is also an approved stockist of Biologique Recherche.

The space itself also takes inspiration from the City of Lights (where Goodman also calls home alongside L.A. and New York). "My favorite design touches are the works of art I picked out nearly two years ago while I was abroad as they are unique to GoodSkin," she tells UncoverLA. "I also love the colors, the parquet floors, and the fact that when I am in the office, I feel like I could be in a different country sipping an espresso while aging in reverse."

The interiors were dreamed up by local firm Simran Design. Luxe decor touches include work from renowned European contemporary art gallery Bel-Air Fine Art, such as an avant-garde piece by Parisian optical artist Patrick Rubenstein and one-of-a-kind sculptures by German-born Metis Atash, plus watercolor paintings by L.A.-based artist Kim McCarty (who recently teamed with local label Dame).

Goodskin Brentwood
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Coming soon is GoodSkin's app, which allows patients to create a custom Healthy Aging plan and access skin care resources.

We recently sat down with Goodman to learn more about GoodSkin's stylish new digs, what she loves about her new spot, how she was able to find a silver lining during the pandemic, and more. Read on below, and learn more about GoodSkin's offerings here.

What do you love about your L.A. location, and what made you choose that particular spot? 

The new L.A. location is an expansion of our previous office. We moved to this office from just down the street as we needed something larger to meet our growing demand that still offered lots of privacy with a private back entrance and easy parking. Our clientele is largely area residents and all partake in a healthy lifestyle, so we are a perfect fit next to Kreation as well.

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Just like fillers, there is no one size fits all formula for laser treatments. At GoodSkin we take the same science based approach to determine what laser treatments are best based on a patient's anatomy, ethnicity, age and needs. Our newest laser treatments include: EVOKE A hands-free, noninvasive device that can tighten tissue in the face and neck. EVOLVE A hands-free body sculpting device that kills fat, tightens skin and builds muscle. See our full story on Evolve in our highlights or dm with any questions or to book an appointment! ……………….. #medicallaser #laserskinclinic #laserskintreatment #laserskintreatments #fatburning #shrinkfat #lasertreatments #lasertreatment #evoke #evolve #inmode #bodysculpting #skintightening #skintighteningtreatment

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How long has the L.A. opening been in the works, and did COVID-19 affect any plans? 

We had a very specific design and tech plans for the buildout with an upstairs private VIP area. The buildout took two years we are appreciative of our clients who were patient with us while we worked out of a smaller space with a very packed schedule. We finished right as COVID-19 happened, which ultimately gave us time during the shutdown to organize and move properly.

What are some of your favorite design touches in the space, and how did you find those pieces? 

The Untouched Look aesthetic is influenced by my time living in Paris over the last five years. I want my clients in L.A. to feel like they being transported to the City of Lights every time they step into the office, which I hope feels particularly nice to them during a time when we aren't able to travel.

Beyond our high standard of care and training, the GoodSkin surroundings are also an aesthetic representation of our approach to treating our clients. We firmly believe in tailoring bespoke treatments that aim to make someone look like the best version of themselves.

That said, it's of the utmost importance to me that the GoodSkin surroundings support that. I had works of art commissioned particularly for GoodSkin by some of my favorite international artists, and the design in the whole office is aimed at adding personal and bespoke details that feel comforting yet modern.

GoodSkin, 11760 San Vicente Blvd., L.A., 90049; (310) 400-6534

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