Help Break the World Record for the Biggest Group Hug This Sunday in Culver City

There'll even be a "celebrity-filled hugging photo booth."

Photo: The Hug AllianceA

The bad news bears seem to be writing all of the headlines as of late, so here's something that's bound to put a little perk in your step. This weekend, optimists are hoping to break three Guinness Book world records with a massive National Hugging Day event led by the "holiday" founder Kevin Zarboney (who's also the creator of National Whiner's Day), nonprofit organizations Give More Hugs and HUG Alliance, Agape International Spiritual Center, and Huggies (that's right, the diaper brand).

The epic embrace is happening Sunday, January 21 at Agape's Children's Activity Center. Participants are asked to arrive at 2:15pm to allow for enough time to be "officially recorded as part of [the] Guinness world record" before the hugging kicks off at 2:30pm. The event continues until 5:30pm and will include activities like storytelling, crafting, hooping, a book lounge, a "celebrity-filled hugging photo booth," and more. Plus, they'll be giving away positivity-promoting books to families, including Pharrell Williams' "Happy".

Into it? Learn more about the event here and register to join the happy party here.

Agape International
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