Cool Kids Can Now Wear Dr. Woo's Star-Faved Tats on Their Sleeves

Get to to know the two LA moms behind new kids label, Juju & Woo.

Kids these days: They're not waiting for their 18th candle to become activists, artists, and fashion influencers (to name just a few titles), which is why we wouldn't raise an eyebrow if our favorite future tattoo artists casually name-dropped Dr. Woo (né Brian Woo) among their school art project influences. Ink-obsessed second-graders will have to wait 'til they're legal before they can book a sesh at the celebrity-faved tattooist's secret studio at the Hollywood Roosevelt, but in the meantime, they can wear the doc's signature fine-lined drawings thanks to new LA kids label Juju & Woo.

Founded by friends and LA moms Jayme Free Woo (yup, the good doctor's wife) and Jo Scapa, the just-launched lifestyle brand is for parents and kiddos who eschew typical tot motifs like cutesy animal prints, polka dots, and other preschooler-faved designs. Instead, the brand — which takes its name after Scapa's son, Juju, and the Woo clan's last name, obvi — uses some of the tattoo artist's most recognizable designs for its debut holiday collection. (Woo's starry clientele includes Miley Cyrus, Drake, Cara Delevigne, fashion blogstar Chiara Ferragni, and model/illustrator Langley Fox, to name a few.)

Made from 100% organic cotton and available in sizes 18/24 months to 4T, Juju & Woo's pajama sets ($60) feature black-and-white Woo classics like roses (which the artist has inked on Lili Reinhart, among other clients), sparrows, and stars over colorful paint splatter-like prints. There's also a limited edition grey hoodie ($60) with distressed hems and a teal sparrow emblazoned on the back; it's available in sizes 2T to 6T.

Juju & Woo also tapped renowned photographer (and family friend) Rick Rodney to shoot the first collection's campaign, which stars the pint-sized inspirations that started it all. And come next spring, the brand will roll out stylish bedding — and we're betting that Woo fans (and famous moms) like Olivia Wilde and Hilary Duff will quickly snap up those chic sheets.

We sat down with Jayme and Jo to find out more about how they connected, the basic prints you'll never see on the brand, and more. See more snaps from the photo shoot (including one of the fashionable mamas themselves) and keep reading below.

Jayme Free Woo, left, and Jo Scapa.

How did the two of you meet?

Jayme Free Woo: We met about a year and a half ago through our mutual friend Barrett [Prendergast] of Valleybrink Road. She knew we were both interested in doing something creative and thought we would work well together. Thanks, Barrett!

What inspired you to start the line with pajamas and hoodies?

JFW:  had been going back and forth with starting a kids bedding line for about four years. I had always thought that bedding for kids was a little boring. So I started making lists on my phone of some fun print ideas. Around when my kids both started school full time, I met Jo and she lit the fire under my ass and said, "Let's do this!"

Jo Scapa: It was originally all Jayme's idea. When she told our friend Barrett about it, she thought we should meet since I've worked in fashion and wanted to do something different involving kids apparel. We met and immediately vibed.

What are your professional backgrounds and how did they inform your decision to create the brand?

JS: I've pretty much always worked in fashion. Jayme had the idea and I'm just lucky enough she chose me to be a part of it. We make a great team.

Before you started the brand, what were some of the things you were unsatisfied with when looking for kids items?

JFW: I love to keep my kids in stuff a little offbeat, with lots of vintage and smaller brands. Bedding especially was always hard because I wanted something fun or silly but my options were usually very basic. For pajamas and bedding, everything just looked the same. Same boring prints. Same color schemes. No character. No style.

What inspired the debut collection's designs?

JFW: These are definitely a few of my favorite popular Woo tattoos. They are fun, but not too out there! We have so many great prints on the way!
We wanted to debut the collection using three of Woo's most known drawings: The swallow, the rose, and the star.

What else do you have envisioned for Juju & Woo?

JS: We want to create a cozy and cool children's lifestyle necessity line that offers both quality and beautiful art. You will never see a chevron print, stripes, or polka dots. Our artwork and inspirations speak for themselves.

Shop Juju & Woo online here.

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