How A Sharpie & A Saint Laurent Jacket Inspired Strike Oil, Nats Getty's New Edgy-Luxe Brand

Los Angeles artist Nats (né Natalia) Getty is just as unapologetic about her legendary last name as she is about her lifestyle — and that's what sparked her new luxury label, Strike Oil. Taking its name from a well-known quote by her great-grandfather, oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, the brand officially launched online yesterday, and fashion rebels can now get a piece of the 26-year-old designer and LGBTQ+ activist's punk-meets-streetwear aesthetic.

"Strike Oil has been years in the making," Getty tells us. The model and heiress had been making custom-painted creations for friends and clients (including the likes of actress Bella Thorne) before officially unveiling the brand. "It feels like I have been developing it my whole life, and both Strike Oil as a brand and as a part of myself feels like it's finally at a level where I feel confident sharing it with the world."

(For those in need of a Getty family primer: The artist is the granddaughter of philanthropist J. Paul Getty, daughter of film maker Adriane Getty, and sister/muse of fashion designer August Getty.)

Designed for those looking to "'strike oil' in love, life, career, and self," the line was born four years ago when Getty began customizing her own high-end wardrobe, quickly catching the attention of others in her social circle seeking one-of-a-kind style. Priced from $85 to $1,250, the range's first drop includes a checkered tee with a rainbow stripe, very Art Basel-worthy button-ups, a shirt emblazoned with her great-grandfather's infamous formula for success, and reversible satin bomber jackets (including a neon pink hue named after the designer's fiancé, Gigi Gorgeous) customized with patches.

There are also pocket squares and bandanas ($85 to $125), cut from the same cloth as Getty's printastic button-ups, that will soon be available for pre-order. Additional items, including hand-painted vases and more accessories that embody Getty's "uptown-meets-downtown" vibes, are set to land in the shop sporadically each month; drop dates will be announced on Strike Oil's Instagram page.

Here, Getty tells us all about the leather jacket that started it all, how the City of Angels informs her designs, how she hopes to inspire others to embrace their individuality, and more. Read on below, and shop Strike Oil online here.

Can you tell us more about the first piece you ever designed under your label and the inspiration behind it?

The first piece I ever made for Strike Oil was my own Saint Laurent leather jacket and I took a Sharpie to it because I wanted to create something that was unique and personal. And that's something I've carried on throughout the entire process of building Strike Oil. 

How has your upbringing in Los Angeles inspired your work? And can you tell us more about your personal design muses?

Growing up in LA has given Strike Oil its back bone. The history of this city, the creative people who have come from here, the music, the art, even the streets of LA have become a major inspiration to me and a major influence [on the brand]. I'm influenced by the music of LA, the street art, the beach, the city. I love it and I just want to make my city proud. 

We have to ask: How often do you visit the Getty Center and do you have a particularly favorite area at the museum? And given your family's LA legacy, what are some of your favorite local hangouts and how do they encapsulate your experience growing up here? 

My family has a deep rooted history in LA and I love continuing it. One of my favorite places here is honestly the Getty museum because my mom would take me when I was little and I had no idea it had anything to do with my family. It's just so beautiful and serene there. I still like to go and see exhibits and walk through the gardens because it makes me feel like I did when I was young. 

How do you hope to inspire others through your new label, particularly in the LGBTQ+ community?

Strike Oil started as something I was doing purely for myself until I realized I had a creative voice and something to say. I hope through my brand and my art that I give others a glimpse of what is possible. I never would have thought I could be this fulfilled and happy in my life. I spent a lot of years being bullied and being judged for who and what I am and it almost broke me until I realized it's okay to be different. In fact, being different is amazing, and I hope that in some way I can channel that and inspire that within people.

Shop Strike Oil online here and follow the brand at @strike_oil.

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