Show Your Galentine Some Love With These Lady-Made Gift Ideas

Our friends at Clever have rounded up some mindful finds.

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You already know where to celebrate Valentine's Day this week, but do you know what you're getting your gal (or guy) who's been by your side through better or for worse? Our cool friends at Clever have rounded up some rad Galentine's Day presents for those looking for last-minute tokens of appreciation — read a handful of picks below, then see the full gift guide over at Clever right here.

Okay we admit: the name alone is a bit cringe-y, and it's probably just as much of a consumer-driven holiday as its more romantic counterpart, but Galentine's Day — at least in theory — has a message we can really get behind. The idea of taking a day to celebrate our best female relationships was first introduced by Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope more than a decade ago. And in the midst of a season where so much pressure is put on defining, creating, or validating your current dating situation, we have to confess it's refreshing to instead focus on the lady pals in your life who never let you down.

If you're looking to let your go-to gals know how much you appreciate them with a gift, why not double down on the lady-love and shop something by a women-run brand? Whether you want to find something she can pamper herself with, something she can use to set mindful intentions, or something "just because" that will make her smile every time she sees it, finding her something that also supports female-owned businesses is just another way to spread the Galentine's Day spirit. Below, find a handful of sweet gift ideas from companies where women are running the show.

Something Cozy

Fancy lingerie is cool and all, but a true friend knows that cozy is where it's really at. She'll want to spend all of her stay-at-home days in these comfy feminine-cut boxers built for lounging.
Shop: Richer Poorer Femme boxer in Plum, $24

Something Mindful

Emily + Merritt The Affirmation desk-size planner in Ditzy Heart, $30

Your gal pal can scribble down her dreams, ideas, daily affirmations, and other plans in this super cute journal.
Shop: Emily + Merritt The Affirmation desk-size planner in Ditzy Heart, $30

Something Cheeky

Cold Picnic Torso bathmat in Brown, $60

Speaking of the female form, we can't help but obsess over all of Cold Picnic's products, from their boob-print pillow to this lady torso bathmat. And we have a feeling your Galentine would love them, too.
Shop: Cold Picnic Torso bathmat in Brown, $60

Something Just Because

Lux Eros Sabor mug in White, $45

Sometimes just a simple, beautiful object makes a perfect gift — often because they tend to be things we wouldn't think to buy ourselves. Enter this leopard-print mug that will let your bestie feel just a little savage — if only while sipping her morning cup of coffee.
Shop: Lux Eros Sabor mug in White, $45

Something Body-Positive

Monogram Silhouette Tee with art by Alexa Coe, $65

Monogram offers a ton of cheeky, cute, and clever tees, but this one — made in collaboration with London artist Alexa Coe — features a beautifully-rendered woman's silhouette. What a beautiful way to celebrate the female form, while feeling super fashionable.

Shop: Monogram Silhouette Tee with art by Alexa Coe, $65

Want more? Read the full Galentine's Day gift guide over at Clever here.

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