The Greenery Gurus Behind One of L.A.'s Coolest Landscaping Firms Have Opened A Very Punk Rock Plant Shop

Eco-minded nursery Plant Material has opened in Glassell Park.

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Sorry, science says that music won't make plants bloom better (cheese is apparently a different story) — but green-thumbing in a punk-rock mindset is one thing that can do good for your backyard and Mother Earth, as proven by L.A.-based Terremoto. (See: Mohawk West, Platform's revamped park, Silver Lake's The Goods Mart, and even Mandy Moore's stylish abode, to name just a few of its eco-minded outdoor spaces). On that note, like-minded Angelenos can now spruce up their own al fresco spaces at Plant Material, a new horticultural haven in Glassell Park co-founded by the gardening gurus behind the forward-thinking landscaping firm.

Open as of early May, the 4,000-square-foot nursery is the brainchild of Terremoto co-founder David Godshall (who designed the location with two of the firm's landscape architects, Erik Schmahl and Lauren Jordan) and his business partner, Matt Burrows. "[We] had been looking for a small- to medium-sized vacant lot, and we stumbled across the perfect one," Godshall tells us."We are a nursery that is ecologically and aesthetically opinionated; we believe that we're at a time when people need to start prioritizing ecology in their own home gardens and landscapes, and Plant Material offers a vision of what this future might look like."

Although the shop isn't technically part of Terremoto, both are "psychically and spiritually intertwined," as evidenced in the botanical offerings. Expect a mix of native species (like butterfly-attracting blooms), SoCal-appropriate perennials, organic soil and mulch, and non-GMO edibles; what you won't find are "frivolous annuals, no twee succulents, [and] never invasive species." (The environment will thank you, no doubt.)

Also on offer are sustainable and well-crafted tools and essentials, such as Japanese twine, gardener-friendly body products by Badger Organic (think sunscreen and anti-bug balm), landscaping books, rainbows (a.k.a. eye-popping sun catchers), ethically-made straw hats, and even chic garden hoses (who would have thought?) alongside "art objects of consequence," such as carved stone bowls by Jacob Hopkins and thought-provoking earth posts by Sarah Rara.

Take a peek at the inspiring modern nursery and scroll through the gallery above, and peep the address and hours below.

Plant Material, 3350 Eagle Rock Blvd, L.A., 90065; Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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