Studio City's Tujunga Village Scores A Dreamy Healing Haven Offering Reiki, Mindful Decor, & More

Muse House Retreat brings crystals, tarot and Akashic record readings, and more.

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Spirituality-seeking, astrology-loving millennials in the Valley have scored a cool new mecca for metaphysical merch and healing services. Landing in Studio City's charming Tujunga Village is the Muse House Retreat, which just happens to be the second retail endeavor of designer Ashlan Christoph, who's also the cool shopkeep behind Serendipity boutique just a few doors a way.

The new wellness-focused space offers services such as Akashic records readings, astrology, dream interpretations, intuitive healing, reiki, tarot readings, and more. There's also a crystal bar, an intention room (where the space is set to a continuous "pure love frequency" of 528 herz vibrations) for meditations and relaxation, and a tea wall stocked with curated creations.

In addition to positivity-charged gems, expect to shop plants and succulents, stationery, self-care books, ritual-ready handmade silk incense by L.A.-based United Other, jewelry, candles, and much more. Of course, there's a photogenic corner that's for enjoying a mindful moment, complete with a teepee, comfy globally-sourced rugs, and Moroccan pillows.

Christoph's path to opening her transcendental healing sanctuary was born from her fashion career as a kids clothing designer and buyer. Motherhood and working in children's fashion helped spark her self-care journey: "Seventeen years ago… I was fresh on a self-made career path. The freedom I had in the retail children's world was what drew me in to start. There's magic when you are viewing life and career through the lens of a child," Christoph tells us.

"I relished in bringing that imaginative essence to life through kids' retail. How this ties into my wellness journey: With that foundation, I have been able to shift my perception from the grown-up struggles of career and family life and begin to see — and feel — the magic that there was something beyond this singular three-dimensional world of stresses and fear. As children, we see everything as an adventure, and through that knowing, I began to see the journey to true well-being as the ultimate adventure," she continues.

Here, she shares more about what inspired her to create Studio City's newest healing haven, what she loves about her SFV neighborhood, and how she hopes to inspire Muse House Retreat's guests. See more inside the dreamy space and scroll through the gallery above, then read more of Christoph's story and see the store's full address below.

What sparked the idea to open The Muse Retreat, and how long had it been in the works?

Muse came to me two years ago when a larger commercial space on the street was for sale. The idea was expansive combining all my favorite healing modalities in a well-curated mercado sort of way where it feels like you strolled into a fabulous faraway retreat and making it feel easily accessible to the community. 

Given that this is your second business located in Tujunga Village, what do you love about the area?

Studio City has been my home since the birth of my son Jack in 2002. I was 20 years old and fresh out of school and a then-young mother. I was making my kids' clothing line at home when Jack was asleep, and selling it to two stores on Tujunga for years, while also working at Trinkets & Treasures (now Serendipity) on Sundays. That village has been my home for so long! The community is amazing and even though it's in such a busy city, everyone knows everyone. Our neighborhood is incredibly quaint and there is quite a bit of nostalgia on that street that just feels good to be around!

What do you hope clients take away from their experience at The Muse Retreat?

So many things, but most importantly the warmth and magic that has been put this space. The birthing of Muse was my way of sharing my heart with the community. 

Muse House Retreat, 4332 Tujunga Ave., Studio City, 91604; (818) 824-3290

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