Model-Faved Workout P.volve's First Permanent L.A. Studio Is Coming to Melrose Soon

In the meantime, the studio's lead L.A. trainer shares how to stay motivated at home.

NYC-based trainer and P.volve founder Stephen Pasterino (a.k.a. P) is beloved by Victoria's Secret models for his low-impact workouts that involve resistance bands, ankle weights, and balls for sculpting the entire body. Although his L.A. pop-up studio is temporarily closed, his faithful followers (starry or not) are still managing to squeeze in while social distancing, thanks to his brand's at-home gym gear and online classes. Even better news: Superfans can hopefully get their fitness fix IRL by this summer when P.volve L.A. reopens in a permanent location not far from its temp digs.

Scheduled to open in June or July (pending pandemic reopening rules) on Melrose Avenue just east of La Cienega Boulevard, the second-floor studio will include a rooftop deck for private training. Classes focus on form for avoiding imbalance and injuries, controlled moves for strengthening and toning, and "dynamic positioning" for better range in motion. The result, according to P.volve devotees: Lifted butts, defined abs, chiseled biceps, and (best of all) a more energized body.

"L.A. is the health and wellness mecca of the country, and there is a strong desire for functional fitness like ours," P.volve CEO and co-founder Rachel Katzman (who's also married to Pasterino) tells UncoverLA. "It has consistently been a top market for P.volve since the launch in November 2017 and [we've] have had a growing streaming and pop-up studio presence since."

The Melrose space will also house celebrity lymphatic masseuse Flávia Lanini, who'll offer her body contouring services beloved by clients like Kris and Kendall Jenner, Nicky and Paris Hilton, Shay Mitchell, and Hailey Bieber, to name just a few.

Once the studio's open, classes will be $32 and monthly memberships and multi-class packages will also be available. In the meantime, the brand is offering live Zoom workouts with master trainers ($20 each or $80 for five) and private 55-minute sessions ($99 each, $265 for three, or $420 for five) for you and a friend ($25 per additional person) as well as one-on-one integrative health coaching. At the moment, P.volve is also offering 30 days of complimentary streaming and free daily workouts on IG Live, too.

P.volve debuted its New York flagship last October and opened its L.A. pop-up last summer off Melrose on Westmount Drive; it also has a Chicago pop-up. Back before the non-essential business closes in early March, Pasterino joined forces with Riverdale star Madelaine Pesche to lead a P.volve class at Popsugar's Grounded wellness event.

While we await P.volve's official west coast debut, we asked the L.A. studio's lead trainer Dani Coleman to share how she's staying fit while quarantined at home. "I've never been good at sitting still and during these current times I have had to be creative with my approach to movement and fitness," she explains.

"Outside of working out daily, foam rolling has become a daily practice for my body. Every evening to round out my day and give gratitude to my body I foam roll anywhere from five to ten minutes," Coleman tells us. "It's not only a massage for my body, but a way to practice being present with what my body is feeling, and a literal and metaphorical way to roll with the punches of this current time."

Want more motivation? Below, Coleman shares her favorite hacks for not dropping the (fitness) ball, from avoiding distractions to the mantra that keeps her moving. Read on below, and learn more about P.volve's streaming classes and gear (which are all 25% off right now!) online here.

Clear out space and time to move. "I always try to find a time of day that allows me to work out free of obstacles and distractions. I know that currently, it can be hard to budget personal time when balancing the rest of life's demands," maintains Coleman. "However, carving out even just a small space in your room and small space of time in your day solely for you will help focus your mind and body, making the rest of the day feel more manageable."

Find a workout that matches your home. "With time and space in mind, I am always looking for workouts that suit those two factors at home. I feel so grateful to have access to P.volve's streaming library, Instagram Live workouts, and online Zoom classes. The options they provide from express workouts to full 55-minute classes allow me to set aside my excuses on time and find the workout that best fits into my schedule. Plus, all of their equipment is compact, portable, and easily stored at home. Or you can also do all of their workouts with just your own body weight!"

Blast your favorite calorie-burning tunes. "If you can't get away from the distractions, drown them out with a good playlist! Music is essential to all of my classes and curating the perfect playlist for my clients is crucial to both my virtual and in-studio classes," says Coleman. "P.volve allows each trainer to curate a new playlist weekly on Spotify for everyone to enjoy. It's such a fun way to feel connected to clients from afar and nothing motivates me to move like a good song!"

Don't torture yourself with boring workouts. "Last but not least, find a workout that you enjoy. It sounds so simple and obvious, but you should want to get up and workout. Your workouts shouldn't feel like a chore and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your body for your workout," encourages Coleman. "For me, P.volve has proven that saying, 'movement is medicine.' I wake up excited to move and leave feeling more energized, refreshed, and stronger. Long story short: Work smarter, not harder."

P.volve Studio, 8447 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 90069

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