L.A. Yogi-Turned-Fine Jeweler Ann Korman Keeps Chill with Kriyas and Ryan Heffington

The Ark jewelry designer shares what she's wearing and reading, too.

Los Angeles yogi-turned-jeweler Ann Korman knows a thing or two about going with the flow. Before founding her celebrity-beloved fine jewelry brand Ark, the former yoga teacher shuttled between India and L.A. to study with a guru for nearly six years.

Now, she fuses everything she's learned (like ancient Vedic principles and tantric symbolism) into her luxury 18-karat gold adornments embellished with conflict-free gems, such as bindi-inspired diamond stud earrings, evil eye talisman necklaces, and engraved pinky rings designed to help wearers manifest wealth in all forms. No wonder stars like Miranda Lambert, Julia Garner, Crystal Reed, and AnnaSophia Robb don her charms to maintain positive vibes.

Amid L.A.'s shelter in place orders, Korman is helping her entire family move mindfully by transforming her living room into a mini yoga studio. "My daughters, my husband, and my dog are all together in our home in L.A. My daughters are both grown now and I'm getting the chance to spend some quiet time with them and appreciating this pause in time to be together," Korman tells us.

"During this time I am looking for a deeper purpose and meaning in my life. I see this as a chance to be still and look within to work on some self-healing and self-awareness," Korman explains. "We are practicing yoga, meditating, cooking, chanting, dancing, and taking long walks."

Her best advice for those quarantining? Stay safe by following shelter in place orders "and try to stay present. If you feel fearful: Breathe, stay calm, stay loving," she says.

Here, Korman shares what she's wearing, reading, and exercising to while social distancing at home. Keep reading below, and check out more self-care and work-from-home tips from L.A.'s coolest creatives.

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Ark Engraved Manifestation Pinky Ring, $3,950

"I designed my jewelry to be a collection of personal talismans," says Korman. "I'm currently wearing my Engraved Manifestation Pinky Ring for manifesting the Divine Feminine ([which represents] a strong spine and soft heart); my Diamond and Herkimer Diamond Oracle Earrings as herkimers are good for clearing negative energy and balancing chakras; and my Large Aurora Necklace, which is a symbol for health, strength, wisdom, wealth, and a long life."

Korman continues: "Right now I am reading 'A Mind at Home with Itself' by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell. There are also a lot of great (and free!) meditation experiences online right now that I'm encouraging friends and family to check out. I tune into Deepak Chopra's wisdom talks daily. I find this one to be very helpful especially for people that haven't tried meditation before."

"I've been doing a set of kriyas every day," the designer adds. "Kriyas are repetitive yoga movements and mantras that create a moving meditation. This movement helps to awaken and transform energy to create a spiritual shift in one's being. I've also had a lot of fun doing Ryan Heffington's dance parties with the whole family."

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A Mind at Home with Itself by Byron Katie

A Mind at Home with Itself by Byron Katie, $11

Ark Diamond and Herkimer Diamond Oracle Earrings

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Ark Engraved Manifestation Pinky Ring

Ark Engraved Manifestation Pinky Ring, $3,950

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