Sweet Flower's New Cannabis Kits Make It Easier to Give Back, Sleep, and Chill

The money-saving MJ collections are now available in-store and for delivery.

You don't have to be plugged into the 24/7 news cycle to feel like you need a chill pill, an uplifting smoke, or a sleep-inducing drink. If marijuana is your relaxation method of choice but the myriad of options got you stressed, then Sweet Flower's new curated kits will simplify your shopping and save you some green (as in money).

Now available in-store and via delivery at the L.A.-based dispensary's locations in Downtown, Studio City, and West Hollywood, the Sweet Flower Kits ($50 to $75) include a selection of products geared towards different needs, such as calmness, fun, pain relief, and sleep. Sweet Flower senior product buyer and cannabis industry veteran Michelle Mendoza hand-picked Camino and Wyld gummies, Cann social tonics, Papa & Barkley topicals, Dosist pens, Sundae School sativa joints, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Flower

Rounding out the offerings is the Give Back Kit ($35), which includes Kiva gummies, a Canndescent pre-roll, and a bottle of Lagunitas; 100% of proceeds go to Equity First Alliance and The Black Cooperative Investment Fund. Contributing to the community has been part of Sweet Flower's business model since the company started two years ago: It has donated to Culver City School District, L.A. Goal, Upward Bound House, and other organizations, and its COVID-19 relief efforts include donating face masks and gloves to front line workers and donated to Ventura County's Food Share.

In the spirit of self-care, we recently asked Sweet Flower CMO Kiana Anvaripour to share her own at-home wellness routine and quarantine must-haves. Read on for more, and shop the dispensary's new kits here.

How has the pandemic affected you Sweet Flower's business strategy?

Over the past few months, we've observed that our customer is coming to us to find a solution to specific needs such as getting a good night's sleep, reducing anxiety, or having some socially-distanced fun. To simplify their shopping experience and address these needs in the most efficient way possible, we curated four kits that include all of the products that you need within the categories of Sleep, Calm, Relief, and Fun. This is something that is truly unique to Sweet Flower and we're really excited to introduce them to our community.

What have been some essential habits and practices that you've added to your self-care routine to cope with quarantining?

There are quite a few things that have helped me to stay sane! Each day I start off with a meditation, even if it is just five minutes, to reset and remind myself to breathe. It's been a remarkable way to prioritize my mind set for the day! 

As a self-proclaimed workout addict, my husband was sweet enough to help me build a quasi-home gym in our garage to help me stay sane. I get up at 6 a.m. before my kids wake up, and use the first hour of my day to blow off steam. Workouts from Lekfit, the Nike app,  The Workout LA, and Peloton have been my saviors! 

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Flower

What are your favorite quarantine must-haves from Sweet Flower right now and why?

Honestly, our Sweet Flower Kits have been a lifesaver for me. My schedule has been packed, between balancing work and caring for my kids while social distancing at home. Our kits have made it easy for me to access whatever products I might need on every given day – whether it is starting my morning off with a sense of calm or helping me ease my racing mind and get a good night's sleep.

What are you most looking forward to doing after restrictions have been lifted?

I am most looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family, as well as my Sweet Flower team! While we'll all have to move forward with caution and continue to be mindful of social distancing, I'm excited for the opportunity to see the individuals that I haven't been able to while staying at home. 

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