5 of the Best Plant Stores in the San Fernando Valley

Digging into plant parenthood?

Viva the Valley

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By Natalie Arroyo Camacho

Whether you're looking for your very first plant (welcome to plant parenthood!) or hoping to add some more babies to your family, check out the list below to support Valley kids selling plants.

1. Brandon the Plant Guy, Van Nuys

Brandon the Plant Guy has only been selling plants for about a year, but what a year he's had. According to his Instagram account, in the last seven months, Brandon the Plant Guy has sold 7,000 plants! He gets new inventory on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays — check out his Instagram page for the drops.

2. Indoor Wilderness LA, Panorama City

It doesn't matter what anyone says, Indoor Wilderness LA will always be the original eucalyptus plug. When we first got into putting the plant in our shower as aromatherapy (because the steam releases the eucalyptus's scent), Indoor Wilderness LA was one of the only shops that carried it. Don't worry, though: Indoor Wilderness LA sells more than just eucalyptus!

Read the full story over at Viva The Valley.

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