New Fitness Studio Heated Room Takes Workouts to the Next Level With Infrared Technology

The high-temperature workouts promote tension relief, detoxification, and overall wellness.

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For those looking to turn up the dial on their wellness regime, new L.A. fitness studio Heated Room may just have the perfect answer. The innovative studio focuses on workouts powered by infrared technology and has already become a key destination for models and influencers such as Nadia Mejia, Meeka Hossain, and Tess Baldwin.

Open as of June at Beverly Grove's trendy West Third Street, the new studio uses a state-of-the-art infrared heating system, fused with structured fitness classes, to generate a sweet muscle burn with added sweat-induced health benefits.

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Founder Raamy Fares called upon L.A.-based design firm 64North to curated a visual experience throughout the studio, starting with a levitating front desk accompanied by a dynamic ceiling-scape upon entry.

A long side hallway offers functionality and style with access to the various workout rooms, recessed storage spaces, and benches for class-goers. Glossy linear patterns stretch across the walls, offset by Venetian plaster, copper-clad pendants, intricate millwork, and pops of natural marble.

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Photo: Courtesy of Heated Room
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Photo: Courtesy of Heated Room

The impressively tiered main studio features a stunning Ziggurat-style ceiling that plays on negative space, while the walls, lined with maple wood and mirrors, make the space feel expansive yet intimate. Sparing no expense, a substantial surround sound system was imported from the United Kingdom and world-class equipment throughout adds to the studio's luxe aesthetic. A smaller secondary studio, recovery spaces, restrooms, showers, staff spaces, and a kitchen, filled with refreshments and chilled scented towels, round out the brand new space.

Led by world-class instructors, the classes pull from Vinyasa Yoga practices, high-impact training (HIIT) sequences, and traditional core workouts to focus on strength, body sculpting, and overall alignment. The state-of-the-art infrared heating system pushes the studio temperature up to 95 degrees fahrenheit during the 45 minute classes, generating a sweat-induced workout aimed at providing a slew of added health benefits.

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Photo: Courtesy of Heated Room

These health benefits include detoxification to improve skin's elasticity and tone, bodily tension relief, increased fat burning, and elevated blood plasma production. Additionally, the studio says that the excessive perspiration allows for the release of natural antibiotics, removing impurities while eliminating infection-causing bacteria.

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Photo: Courtesy of Heated Room

Memberships and class packages can be booked online and range from a single class ($40), to an unlimited contract ($260). Should a private session be more your speed, a you can reserve a private studio for your workout ($100 per hour). Additionally, should you be a member, Heated Room classes can be booked on Classpass.

Ready to turn up the heat? Book a class or private session at Heated Room online here.

Heated Room, 8231 West 3rd Street, L.A., 90048; classes available between 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily

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