Two Superstar Hairstylists Have Opened the Most Futuristic Salon in L.A.

$2k haircuts, anyone?

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Amazon's Alexa can do everything from waking you up to ordering pizza to setting your thermostat to 71 degrees to dropping jedi knowledge — and at L.A.'s newest celebrity hairstylist-powered salon, Starring by Ted Gibson, she'll show you exactly how your tresses will look during sunrise or sunset. The high-tech hair haven founded by star-faved life and business partners Ted Gibson and Jason Backe officially opened last week on streetwear-happy La Brea, where it sits pretty next door to La Tropézienne Bakery.

Angelenos can now get the same superstar treatment as Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, Sandra Oh, and Rachel Brosnahan (all past or present clients between the couple, who relocated from New York to L.A. in 2017) at Starring's 1,100-square-foot high-end space, which was designed by Chicago-based architect Francisco Gonzalez Pulido of FGP Atelier and is entirely voice-activated by Amazon's virtual assistant. In lieu of the usual reception area, the futuristic salon will greet you with a "state-of-the-art entertainment lounge." (Wondering how to pay? An app will take care of that.)

Rather than taking a seat in a traditional stylist's station, you'll instead be seated inside one of five "clouds," or individual pods that feature Amazon gear and Sonos speakers (so guests can play their own music, podcasts, or movies) and different ambiance and lighting settings so hairstylists can showcase how clients' cuts and colors might appear in the daylight, evening, or indoors.

As far as the menu, services start at $225 per hour for a cut or per 30 minutes of color time with Kyle David (who was previously at Sally Hershberger), $450 per 30 minutes with Backe, or $2,000 for the full Ted Gibson experience. (The salon will be adding more stylists to its team in the coming months.)

The smart salon also stocks Starring by Ted Gibson's debut product, Shooting Star Texture Meringue ($52), along with haircare products hand-picked by Backe and Gibson — all of which can be shopped via Amazon's scannable SmileCodes that are displayed inside and outside of the building. (Yup, you can shop the salon's shelves without even stepping foot inside.)

In need of a luxe chop? Per @starring, the salon will be ready to taking appointments starting March 5 — take another peek inside the salon and scroll through the gallery above, then book your session online here.

Starring By Ted Gibson, 211 1/2 South La Brea Ave., LA, 90036; (323) 413-2244

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