Vapor95's First IRL Store in DTLA Is Here for Your '90s Aesthetic Needs

Gen Zers and nostalgic millennials, rejoice.

Vapor 95 DTLA
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Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA
Vapor95 Store DTLA

Calling all Gen Zers, millennials, and nostalgic Gen Xers: Here's one way to score all of your vaporwave gear IRL. Los Angeles-based label Vapor95 has opened its first-ever retail store in Downtown, bringing its meme-happy, '90s- to aughts-inspired apparel and home goods to Santee Alley.

"We chose this area because Santee St. and the Santee Alley area represent the entrepreneurial spirit — creating something innovative and hustling to make it happen," notes CEO and founder, River Accorsi. "Vapor95 is a brand that started online and grew to the point where we could get a tangible store. We love the area because it's Downtown and we think [the label] fits right into the Santee vibe. Our space is entirely unique and the first store of its kind in the vaporwave art movement."

Vapor95 Store DTLA
Photo: Courtesy of Vapor95

The '90s-inspired shop features retro tech devices and installations created in collaboration with local art collective Chewing Foil, including a wall of TVs, a life-size cherry blossom tree, a Neo Geo arcade machine, and more Instagrammable corners. The store stocks Vapor95's own made-in-L.A. line of clothing, accessories, face masks, tapestries, pins, posters, limited-edition drops, and more alongside bags and jewelry from New York-based Studio Cult and other vaporwave creators.

Also on offer are '90s memorabilia, custom Game Boys, and of course, a curated selection of vaporwave music, such as vinyl and tapes from labels like Business Casual, 100% Electronica, and the brand's Darknet Recordings. The store will also host a regular rotation of art installations; currently on display are works by multi-disciplinary artist Haiiileen.

The company started the process of opening back in January but postponed its DTLA debut due to COVID-19. The store is currently open for private appointments for parties up to five people. Face masks are required and temperature checks will be conducted at the door, and the brand is also offering delivery to local residents.

Into it? Scroll through the gallery above to see more inside the chill shop, and book your visit online here.

Vapor95, 850 Santee St., L.A., 90012; open by appointment Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m.;

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