FaceGym's First L.A. Facial Workout Studio Is Coming to West Hollywood Soon

The London-bred brand is setting up shop at the new 1 Hotel.

Update: Read all about what it's like to try FaceGym's first L.A. facial workout studio.

Given Los Angeles' famed infatuation with fitness and youth, we're somewhat surprised that our city only has a handful of options that seamlessly combine the two. Beauty buffs in the Big Apple and across the pond may already be familiar with London-born FaceGym, which will soon bring its visage exercises to West Hollywood.

As the above snap shows, the facial workout studio is opening its first L.A. outpost at the recently-opened eco-friendly luxury spot 1 Hotel West Hollywood (remember when it was The Jeremy for a hot minute?). Beloved by the likes of entrepreneurial model Karlie Kloss and apparently ageless designer Alexander Wang, the brand is known for its "not a facial, it's a workout" approach to its skincare sessions, which use "high-energy kneading movements and cutting-edge technology to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles in the face."

Translation? A results-driven, massage-like facelift by an expert Face Trainer, complete with a warm-up and cardio — a.k.a. oil to start, followed by an intense series of face sculpting and contouring — and a cool-down that involves shaping with a gua sha tool. FaceGym's "workouts" are focused on a variety of concerns, like the glow-giving Signature (30 minutes of lifting, toning, and tightening; $70), the 40-minute detoxifying Boss that uses the Skin IV Deep Clean drip ($90), the Signature Electrical (which uses the FaceGym Pro device to "stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones, and restore skin's elasticity"; $95), the 55-minute Party Face ("a potent cocktail of vitamins, peptides and acids blasted onto the skin"; $150), and the 75-minute Game Face (which boosts collagen, reduces puffiness, and restores elasticity; $275), to name just a few.

The brand also has its own skincare products and tools, like a line of training sticks ($49) and serums ($65) alongside gold derma rollers ($35) mini yoga balls for the face ($22). (They also have their own electrical muscle stimulation device that's available in the U.K. only.) They've currently got seven locations worldwide, including five in the U.K. and two in New York.

We've reached out to FaceGym's team to find out the exact opening date; stay tuned for more and scroll through the gallery above for more photographic proof of the forthcoming studio.

FaceGym at 1 Hotel West Hollywood, 8490 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 90069

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